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What Dreams May Come - A Metaphysical Movie

what dreams may come

**Minor Movie Spoilers Below**

After viewing What Dreams May Come, I must say that this metaphysical movie may be one of the most accurate depictions of the afterlife ever filmed.

I'd like to focus on some of the aspects of the movie that are closely related to the metaphysical world. You will find that many aspects of the movie to be very much in line with what metaphysics teaches in regards to non physical reality.

You Create What You Believe

Through spectacular colors and top notch graphics, What Dreams May Come presented the message that what one expects after they die is often what they get.

You will find this to be very common in near death experiences. For example, someone who practices Christianity often sees Jesus, while someone else who practices Buddhism tends to see Buddha. Of course this is dependent upon just how strong their belief is.

Just like the movie depicted, your belief dependent experience tends to lessen the longer they've been on the non physical plane. This makes sense as books on lives between lives, such as Journey of Souls, have confirmed this in a broader sense.

Learning to Let Go

As the character in the movie began to let go of the strong long held beliefs in his mind and what he was the most attached to, the reality around him began to change. That reality was not going to change until he stopped pushing against it, and his thoughts changed about his expectations.


When Chris(main character in the movie) crossed over to the afterlife, he was greeted by a guide. This was someone he knew in his physical life existence, and whose main purpose was to help Chris adjust to his new surroundings, and to help him understand why he was there and what he was seeing.

According to spiritual mediums, past life researchers and metaphysicians, this is usually the way it happens, especially if one is disoriented about their passing. Guides usually stick around until one is feeling comfortable and has adjusted to the environment. They need to have determined what their purpose is in the non physical. The guides are there mainly to help with the transition.

Reaching Out to Loved Ones

There were a few instances in What Dreams May Come where Chris was seen trying to reach out to his wife, and she in turn was sensing that he was around her. Again, this happens often in reality, as I've had a few similar experiences myself with a deceased loved one and pets.

Appearing Young and Healed

There was an instance in the movie where Chris commented on his dog appearing young again. Those who've had near death experiences, validate this. They often comment how their parents or other loved ones appear to them as they appeared in the physical world in their earlier years.

Skeptics may argue with this, but I don't find this to be a hallucination by any means. If it was, one would be more inclined to remember their loved ones in their most recent aged state as opposed to how they looked when they were younger.

Concluding View

Now, with all of the positive aspects of What Dreams May Come, the movie wasn't without it's flaws. The Drama was built up more than it needed to be. I Imagine thought that this is just because it's the way Hollywood does things. It has to spice it up a bit.

Also, according to all of the studies I've seen, suicides aren't treated as harshly as the film portrays. This made the movie a bit controversial from other reviews that I've read as well.

It is said to be true however that one may find themself in their own created private hell if that's where their consciousness is once they pass.

Overall, this is a fantastic movie. If you have any interest in the metaphysical, do your self a favor and rent or buy, What Dreams May Come. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I have.

What Dreams May Come to Metaphysical News And Views

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You can rent What Dreams May Come at Netflix.

I actually bought a copy of the movie because I enjoyed film so much.

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