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Think and Grow Rich. It's Still One of the Best

When Think and Grow Rich was first published back in 1937, it was way ahead of it's time. Napoleon Hill timed the publication perfectly, as it was released right after the great depression was ending. While you may say that Napoleon was an opportunist attempting to capitalize on the poverty of millions of people, the message he provided was brilliant and can still be used effectively today.

While the Think and Grow Rich book did sell millions of copies, the metaphysical and self-help movement wasn't near as strong then as it is today, so it still wasn't appreciated fully in it's time. Today, I regard it as one of the best books ever written.

While some may find Think and Grow Rich outdated, the principles and exercises that lay within the pages are just as valid today as they were back then. I'm not going to elaborate on the details of this book, as I don't want to give too much away, and there’s just too much to absorb.

The power lies in the reading and absorption. While you may find the reading style a bit dated, the message about changing your thoughts to change your life is still very powerful and holds true to this day. It may take several readings however, for the message to fully sink into your subconscious, and it's going to take some discipline to practice the principles.

While I haven't taken the time to practice much of what's outlined in the book myself, I have heard testimonials from many people who have financially benefited from reading this book. After all, it's still the law of attraction, but Napoleon approaches it from a different angle. So, even if you aren't ready for the message at this time, the book is still a great motivator, and you can always return to it at a later time when the message resonates better with you.

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To this day, I still look at Think and Grow Rich as the founding father of The Law of Attraction. The book that started it all.

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