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How The Movie Could Have Been So Much Better

If you go to google.com and you type in " The Secret Review ", you will be sifting through many different opinions, both negative and positive, of the film. Since The Secret movie has been given so many reviews on the internet, I won't burden you with a long drawn out review. Instead, I'll present a short review and a general synopsis of the movie, pointing out how it could have been improved which would have enabled it to avoid less criticism.


Let me first say that I think there is much good that came from The Secret. It brought attention and raised awareness in the world to a metaphysical law that has been around for ages. I believe the intention behind the movie was good and some of the speakers in the movie such as Jack Canfield and Neal Donald Walsh, I hold in the highest respect.

If you don't know already, The Secret is a movie that centers around The Law of Attraction and how it can change your life in many different ways. The idea is pretty simple, whatever your focus on and hold in thought, has to manifest. The movie rotates through several self-help gurus, metaphysicians and philosophers.

Each one of the speakers in the movie presents various examples regarding the power of visualization, gratitude, and affirmation statements that one can utilize to speed up the process of manifestation.

The Problem with the Movie

First off, The Secret really isn't a secret at all. The concept has been around for many many years, and the law of attraction can be found in many books that are years ahead of this film. I know this probably seems like nitpicking, as I'm sure there were plenty of folks who were introduced to the law of attraction through The Secret, and that can only be a good thing.

One of the problems is, the movie shouldn't be given credit for something that isn't really a secret. There is nothing new under the sun. I still scratch my head when I think of the title. My assumption is, the title was selected from a marketing standpoint. If the movie would have been titled "The Law of Attraction", I don't imagine as many people would have watched the film

The main problem I have however, is the lack of application presented in the film, There are too many pie in the sky promises made, and the message given is that in order to accomplish anything imaginable, all you have to do is learn how to practice gratitude, think positively, and practice positive affirmations and everything you ever wanted will just magically rain down on you.

The movie also spent too much time with philosophical and metaphysical analogies, on why it would work. Basically, it made the process seem too simple, and this could hurt the credibility of the movie in the long run as people attempt to create their reality by practicing what the movie preaches and getting frustrated because they aren't getting the results that were promised.

How It Could Have Been Better

To begin with, the movie could have been better if it would have spent more time with examples on how to apply the law of attraction, and by giving a step by step process to manifest what is practiced in those examples. Also, the movie said nothing about learning how to feel better gradually and how you must tune your vibration to the frequency of that which you are wanting in order to allow it into your life.

From my own expeience, and what other metaphysicans have taught, if you aren't feeling it, then it's never going to manifest, or may not manifest in this lifetime anyway. You can believe it all you want to, but it's the feeling coupled with the belief that's going to bring the results, and that's easier said than done.

Concluding View

In Spite of it's flaws, the film has opened many eyes. It's helped law of attraction gain more exposure and acceptance. However, like anything "hot", opportunists are taking advantage of this increased awareness, and products on "the law of attraction" seem to be popping up everywhere you look.

If you are new to the law of attraction, I'd still recommend you seeing the film, as it's a nice introduction, and this site will be presenting other resources on where to go from there.

While The Secret review is available all over the net for you to read, I would recommend renting The Secret dvd and making the final judgement yourself. Everybody is going to gain something different from the film.

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