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Why Doesn't the Near Death Experience Happen To Everyone?

So you may be asking yourself, why doesn't everyone report having the near death experience upon being revival? Well, that's a great question, and researchers have been asking that same question for many years. While we don't have an absolute determination as to why this occurs, here are some possible theories that I've thought about and meditated upon.

Drugs May Cause Lapse of Memory

When someone is on prescription drugs, they often don't remember a particular event taking place. It's possible that if a person is on a drug during or prior to their revival that they may not recall the occurrence of an NDE. While I haven't seen any studies done on this, the number of reportable NDEs could be higher if everyone, who at the moment of death, was drug-free.


When you read transcripts or hear interviews of those who've had an NDE, one thing that sticks out is how overwhelming and amazing the near death experience was. If you read the polls, many atheists and agnostics have also had NDEs, regardless of their belief system.

This leads me to think that perhaps there's a group of people who've had NDEs, but refuse to acknowledge that they happened at all, maybe with the fear of being ridiculed by their peers, or perhaps just flat out denying the experience happened at all.


Fear is a very powerful emotion that can cause a person to behave in strange ways. While the NDE is a beautiful and life changing experience, some may not be ready for that level of growth yet.

Fear is actually at the root of denial, which I already spoke about. It's a fear of the non-physical, and a fear of acknowledging that something actually happened. While I think a very small percentage fit into this category, I think this could tilt the NDE statistics a bit.

Lack of Recall

I'm sure you talked to people who dream vividly every night and are able to recall all of their dreams, yet others seem to claim they never dream, or remember very little of their dreams.

So it's possible that the NDE operates the same way, in that some will remember the experience while others won't. This may be stretching it a bit though as the NDE is usually a vivid experience to all those who have encountered it.

Concluding View

These are just some of the possible theories as to why the near death experience isn't reportable in higher percentage numbers. At this point none of the above mentioned theories are written in stone, and there could be other reasons that I'm just not aware of at this point. There is no NDE Testing or NDE equipment available that's geared exclusively to help explain this.

I do however believe that the above theories very well could be contributors to the low numbers we see. Coming from a metaphysical point of view, I also believe that we are meant to experience certain things in life at the right time and the right place. If the student is ready, the master will appear and perhaps it's the same with the NDE.

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The near death experience is just as real today as it was hundreds of years ago. Only the people and the dates have changed.

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