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Stephan Schwartz - Opening to the Infinite In Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing Courses

When I heard that Stephan Schwartz had a new book out on remote viewing, and that it was getting great reviews, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

Over the last years, I had the pleasure of listening to several interviews of Stephan, and was always impressed with his extensive knowledge and first hand experience in the field of non-local consciousness

A Metaphysical Book of the Highest Quality

Warning, do not expect Opening to the Infinite to be your run of the mill book on remote viewing filled with countless examples of successful experiments made to impress the reader. Instead, what you will find is a text book approach to the study and application of remote viewing.

Schwartz takes you on a journey of some of the most elaborate remote viewing experiments he was involved in, and how they evolved from start to finish.


Stephan is really big on validation of his experiments, and it shows. He places high importance on validating the outcome on remote viewing sessions, and not trying to make something fit that doesn't. The past sessions he provides are very impressive, without trying to be impressive.

He also elaborates on all of the subtleties that can make or break the outcome as one attempts remote viewing. He goes on to provide the reader with several opportunities to practice their own remote viewing sessions and lays out the protocol for you from the first step to the last step.

One thing for sure, he doesn't try and pull any punches and make remote viewing more than it is. The man is the best there is at what he does.

Concluding View

I'm sure you can find many online remote viewing course just by searching the internet. I'm skeptical of many of them however, as many don't take the time to really set up the experiments properly.

Stephan Schwartz on the other hand has produced an introductory remote viewing course with just this book alone. You'll know after reading this book if remote viewing is a discipline that you want to pursue and master to the best of your ability or not.

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Stephan Schwartz has a few other books available that I'm not to familiar with. You should be able to locate them on Amazon.com.

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