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Scole Experiments and the Afterlife Investigations Documentary

The Scole Experiments is something I had read about vaguely once a few years ago, but I never researched them further. All I knew is that these paranormal experiences were conducted by a group of people and they obtained impressive results through visits from the afterlife.

afterlife investigations

The Afterlife Investigations

Enter the documentary, The Afterlife Investigations. Being a Netflix streaming subscriber, I'm always looking for something new on the spiritual or science front. After seeing the title, I figured that this was just another documentary on the near death experience. What it turned out to be is a documentary about the Scole Experiments.

These experiments were conducted by a group of people in the cellar of a home. They produced some very interesting paranormal phenomena which were witnessed by a a good sized group of people over a span of five years.

Some of the phenomena experienced included levitating and spinning tables, the appearance of objects out of thin air and unexplained images captured on a sealed roll of film.

The participants of the Scole Experiments all sat around, and went into trance mode, attempting to conjure up spiritual energy through a much more rare phenomena called physical mediumship(manifesting paranormal phenomena)

The documentary is approximately 80 minutes in length and is directed by Tim Coleman and narrated by an investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre.

The movie even included a couple of talking points from David Fontana who has written a couple of books on the subject of the afterlife.

The production and quality of video isn't the best, but I still think it's pretty good considering the nature of the film. Usually films of this nature don't get much in the way of funding when it comes to production work. But overall, I think they did an excellent job.


The only downside of the film for me was the EVP(electronic voice phenomena)portion of the documentary. While the messages coming through the radio which was said to have even been unplugged at one point, was impressive, the EVP section in the latter part of the flm was not.

To this day I still remain a skeptic of EVP only because the messages coming through are often so unclear and garbled that one wouldn't be able to make out what they were saying, unless they knew beforehand what the messages were. Even then, it often still sounds like random noise


My main point of criticism is that they shouldn't have included EVP in this documentary at all, and should instead make a documentary devoted entirely to EVP. Perhaps there's much better(clearer) evidence out there that I'm just not unaware of.

Criticisms of the Skeptics

As expected, there are some criticisms of the Scole Experiments by the skeptical community.

Some of the skepticism is understood as it's very difficult to go back in time and prove otherwise. Many of the skeptics believe that fraud was involved, however there really isn't any evidence to support this, just speculation.

Some believe it would have been easy to have sneaked into the room and placed some of these materialized objects on the table without the participants being aware of it.

Personally I think the controls were pretty good. They had scientific investigators who came away as believers. Again, you will have to watch the film yourself and arrive at your own conclusions, and then ask yourself, were these indeed visits from the afterlife?

Concluding Thoughts

Overall I would rate The Afterlife Investigations an 8 out of 10. A slight amount of the reduction is due to the EVP section of the film. I felt the EVP/radio communication section of the movie was out of place, and should have had its own documentary, just my opinion.

Nonetheless, I thought The Afterlife Investigations was a solid documentary and has really encouraged me to dig into the scole experiments further

I would recommend checking it out if you have a Nextflix subscription


Please note, at the time of writing this, it's still up on Netfflix streaming, but I'm not sure how long they intend to keep it available for online rent.

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I recommend checking out author David Fontanta who has a couple of excellent books on the afterlife.

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