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Stephan A Schwartz
Master of Remote Viewing Techniques and Protocols

Stephan A Schwartz

I first heard of Stephan A Schwartz from a Art Bell Interview. He was speaking of various remote viewing techniques and all the research put behind it. It was clear that he was on to something, and was determined to bring legitimacy to the field of remote viewing.

The minute I heard him Stephan speak, I was instantly drawn in by his sincerity, and very much interested in the research he has done. He had me hooked.


In addition to conducting interviews and speaking at conventions, Schwartz was also a lead researcher in a archaeological project. Schwartz and other researchers were able to accurately locate very old buildings and wrecked ships that have been buried using various remote viewing techniques.

When it comes to his research techniques, Schwartz has obviously done his homework. Much of his in depth research can be found in his books, The Secret Vaults of Time, The Alexandria Project,Mind Rover and his most recent, Opening to the Infinite.

Opening to the Infinitehas some of the most in depth information on remote viewing ever released. It talks about how science can begin testing remote viewing by using specific protocols. These are protocols developed by the man himself. If you are a skeptic on remote viewing now, you probably won't be once you have finished reading this book.

Stephan Schwartz

Remote Viewing Course

Readers may also be interested in a remote viewing course Schwartz has to offer. It's currently available on Amazon and has received nothing but stellar reviews. It's a bit on the pricey side, but you get 11 hours of material on CDs and DVDs, including presentations from some of the greatest pioneers in remote viewing, Schwartz included. I have yet to order it for myself, but once I do, I'll post a detailed review.

Concluding View

If you are interested in remote viewing and getting started in it yourself, I highly recommend the books and DVDs of Stephan A Schwartz. There are many authorities on Remote Viewing, but when it comes to explaining and teaching remote viewing techniques as well as learning a bit of history on it, you can't go wrong with Schwartz.

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For more detailed instructions on remote viewing techniques, look into the dvd course that Schwartz offers.

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