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Reincarnation in Buddhism Belief

Today, reincarnation in Christian based religions may not be very acceptable, but Reincarnation in Buddhism is. It should be noted however that most Buddhists prefer to use the term “rebirth” as opposed to reincarnation. The research that I’ve done seems to indicate that reincarnation and rebirth are often used interchangeably however.

The Buddhists define just reincarnation in a different way. For example, it's a common belief that rather than the soul reincarnating, it's more "form" oriented, without the restriction of time or without beginnings and endings. Everything is in the "now". Actually, this belief is fairly close to the metaphysical belief of what reincarnation (rebirth) is. That is, after the body dies, the consciousness of that individual continues on and may choose to reincarnate at a later time.

Releasing Karma

Many Buddhists believe that death is also a karma releasing process. They believe that certain karmic behaviors can be cleared once the physical body dies. It’s like having your karmic debt erased, as opposed to carrying it over to another lifetime, and isn't dependent upon past life experiences. This is a bit different then how many metaphysicians view it.

Ending the Reincarnation Process

Just like the metaphysical belief that Reincarnation can come to an end, so is the belief system of Buddhism. In order to bring a halt to the reincarnation process, the Buddhist believes that you must release all earthly desires and basically become liberated. Once this occurs, it's similar to enlightenment, or what the Buddhists refer to as Nirvana.

Concluding View

The idea that reincarnation in Buddhism is viewed a little bit differently than reincarnation in Hinduism or other religions, shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The important thing to look for is a common thread throughout these religions.

As I mentioned earlier, it's fairly close to the metaphysical belief that something carries on after death. You could call it form, consciousness, soul, or just energy, but the basic principle is the same. That is, something carries on after the physical body dies.

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