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Reincarnation and Christianity Today

For the most part, Reincarnation and Christianity are terms that never usually go together. To many Christians and the teachings from the church that they follow, reincarnation is unthinkable. Most Christian teachings subscribe to the idea that once the physical body dies and the soul is released, it must face judgement and receive the reward to heaven or receive the punishment of hell. The idea is that the soul doesn't get a second chance.

Early Christian Teachings

Some believe that prior to the 5th century, reincarnation WAS part of the Christian belief system, but it was later removed from the Christian teachings. I haven’t seen enough evidence to completely support this claim, but I'm interested in learning more about this.

Support for Christian belief in Reincarnation

Christ is reported as saying, "unless man is reborn, he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven." Now, without really knowing what the intended meaning of this quote was, we'll never know exactly if it's a direct reference to reincarnation or just a reference to baptism. Although baptism is an adequate explanation, it could also mean that that the soul needs to experience many lives and needs to develop and grow in order to reach nirvana.

This would obviously be in direct support of reincarnation and other metaphysical teachings. I've seen several printed examples of quotes from scripture that can potentially point to reincarnation, depending upon how they are interpreted. However, some of this can be very subjective, and is so open to interpretation that perhaps we'll never know.

Concluding View

Whether or not reincarnation was accepted back in the early days of Christianity is something we may never know for sure. It may also never be known what some of the quoted scripture that appeared to support reincarnation was intending. The more time that passes, the more distorted the old beliefs become.

Regardless, I do know several Christians who are very open to the possibility of reincarnation regardless of the viewpoint their church may have. If we are able to receive more proof of reincarnation through the study of past lives etc, it's always possible that the talk of reincarnation and Christianity will be more accepted in the future.

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Perhaps some day, we can comfortably talk about reincarnation and christianity together without feeling the fear of offending someone.

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