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Dr Raymond Moody's Best book for Skepticism

Life After Death

While many of us are familiar with Dr Raymond Moody's work with near death experiences, others may not know of his work involving shared death experiences and death bed visions.

Glimpses of Eternity is a short book of only 183 pages. It's also a focused book of shared death experiences, involving not only those who died, but the loved ones that were with them as well.

For the hardcore skeptics and cynics out there, Dr Raymond Moody's book doesn't contain any scientific data that can be tested in a laboratory. If you are looking for that type of evidence, then you will be wasting your time with this book. What it does contain however is case after case of subjects who experienced a non traditional NDE.

While the evidence presented is anecdotal in nature, it's hard to ignore it when so many of the experiences are similar and the stories are told with such emotion and detail.

Shared Death Experience

A shared death experience(also known as Group NDE), is a paranormal phenomenon where 2 more more people experience an NDE at the same time and often the same place.

Shared death experiences are much more rarer than the usual NDE associated with death, however, they are much more powerful.

Unless one is implying that the subject is lying or hallucinating, it would be near impossible for a skeptic to refute a shared death experience.

So back to the book. As mentioned earlier, in Glimpses of Eternity, the focus is on shared death experiences, and Dr Moody presents many stories of these fascinating experiences. He presents the differences of the experiences through example.

In many of these cases, the relatives/friends who are around one that is dying, leave their bodies temporarily and join the dying loved one in their journey out of the physical world. These experiences are reported in good detail in the book

Questions and Answers

Towards the latter part of the book, Moody has a questions and answers section which is devoted to the most common questions he receives regarding shared death experiences. This section is rather brief but does touch on some interesting questions



The final section of the book gives some explanations that might be given as to debunk the reality of the shared death experiences. Much like Dr Tucker did in his book, Life Before Life in Exploring Children's past lives, Moody gives his reasoning as to why the said explanations don't quite fit the experiences.

Concluding View

As mentoned earlier, Dr Raymond Moody's book, Glimpses of Eternity is almost purely a book of anecdotal evidence. However, when the cases add up and begin to show a similarity to one another, and are told with such conviction, one needs to take notice.

It's unfanthamable for me to conclude that all of these people are halluicinating or lying. Moody seems to be a good judge of character, and I trust his impressions of these people as well.

Glimpses of Eternity

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Shared death experiences are also known as group NDEs.

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