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Proof of an Afterlife

While the proof of an afterlife isn't an easy objective to tackle, I think that Chris Carter did a pretty good job in his recent book, Science and the Afterlife Experience.

Science and the Afterlife Experience is Carter's 3rd and final book in a series in which Carter tackles the afterlife, providing some compelling evidence of life existing beyond the physical.

Of all of his books, this 3rd one was the one I was most anticipating, partially due to its subject matter, but also because proof of the afterlife is one of the more difficult areas in metaphysics to take on.

Science and the Afterlife Experience Book


Chris Carter dives right into the book providing several astounding cases of reincarnation. What I love about Carter's previous work is how he also gives alternative explanations, which most of the time he's able to rule out and his reasoning for ruling out these alternative explanations is quite impressive. Chris takes the same approach with this book as well.

While the evidence in the reincarnation cases continues to be anecdotal, A large body of anecdotal evidence regarding the proof of an afterlife should not be ignored. It's also very difficult to prove certain metaphysical concepts otherwise. The idea of reincarnation isn't testable in a laboratory, and even if it were, there would always be those who would say fraud must have been involved, such as the fraud accusations regarding The Scole Experiments.


Apparitions(departed spirits) is the next topic of discussion. Unlike Reincarnation where at least data of previously lives can be potentially validated, the evidence for apparitions is 100% anecdotal. Even in the cases presented in the book where multiple people reported seeing these apparitions, it still comes down to believing the stories. However, with that said, the chances of fraud can be reduced based upon the sincerity and the number of individuals reporting this.

Messages from the Dead

Part III takes on Mediumship, and spans a big chunk of the rest of the book. Carter dissects several historical cases of Mediumship. While credibility of the validity of cases like these tend to decrease the further they go back in time, Carter once again presents compelling anecdotal evidence of why he believes these aren't fraudulent. Many of these mediums were famous in their time, but they weren't quite in the public eye like the mediums of today are.

Skeptical Objections

This was touched on earlier in the reviews, but throughout the book, Carter takes on each subject and outlines what may be alternative explanations and skeptical viewpoints for each topic that he covers. He then dissects each alternative explanation to prove why it doesn't fit the data.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall I found, Science and the Afterlife Experience to be a fantastic read that really gets you thinking about the data. In typical Chris Carter fashion, the supporting data is always taken apart piece by piece and the conclusions support the existence of reincarnation, Mediumship, ESP, and other more subtle metaphysical phenomena. While many will continue to say that it's fabricated from over active imaginations or with fraudulent intent, others will draw different conclusions. In my opinion it's just another step to validating the proof of an afterlife.

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