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Past Lives and Reincarnation In Metaphysics

The concept of past lives and reincarnation is quickly understood when you learn the basic teachings of metaphysics. You learn that it's not only accepted, but it's also the cornerstone of the development and unfolding of ones consciousness.

In order to even conceptualize the possibility of reincarnation and past lives, you must first believe that consciousness continues on after our physical body dies. Without having first having that belief, it negates even the possibility of reincarnation.

Personally, I've seen and experienced enough proof to hold the belief that past lives and reincarnation is a reality.

But I Don't Want to Reincarnate!

After the physical body dies, why must one reincarnate again? Well, from a conscious standpoint, most of us probably wouldn't want to reincarnate. In conversations I’ve had with others, I’ve often asked people the question, "Would you want to reincarnate back to earth?” and most of the time, the answer is a resounding "No!". Face it, it's not easy here on earth and we often have to face many struggles and deal with adversity and hardship during our lifetime.

Most people don't like the idea of having to do this all over again, especially without knowing who you would exactly be in your next life. Perhaps you may come back disabled, or perhaps you may die of a disease at a young age, but then again, you may have a life filled with joy and success and not have to face as much adversity.

Now from a standpoint of your higher self (or super conscious), the idea of reincarnation is exhilarating and necessary. It's a excellent time for growth and the requirement for the full unfolding of your consciousness through the various lessons you learn from lifetime to lifetime.

The Diamond Analogy

I often like to compare the evolving of your the consciousness from lifetime to lifetime to the cutting of a diamond. If you can imagine your consciousness (or soul) as an uncut or rough diamond prior to your first lifetime, and gradually as you move from lifetime to lifetime, and with each experience and lesson you go through, a new cut is made on the diamond. By the time you have been through hundreds or thousands of lifetimes, the diamond (your consciousness) develops into a glistening image of perfection, and at that point you know, reincarnation is no longer necessary, you have reached enlightenment.

Thousands of Reincarnations? Are You Kidding Me?

Well, the good news is, there IS something you can do to help speed the process in breaking the cycle of past lives and reincarnation. Out of the hundreds of books I've read on reincarnation, past lives, mediumship etc, most of them agree on one thing, developing yourself spiritually today can reduce your earthly incarnations. Develop a program where you can meditate every day on higher spiritual principles. Practice kindness, love, and focus on living your life in joy and happiness.

The closer you get to your true self and experience who you really are, the less amount of lessons you will need to learn. I'm not going to get into this too much because there are plenty of book and tape programs I'll recommend later that will help with this and they get in to much more detail, but I think you get the general idea.

Concluding View

So the wheel of past lives and reincarnation will continue to turn until you have grown from a consciousness standpoint and are closer to the point of merging with all there is. Meditation is the key. I have seen enough cases of past life hypnosis and mediumship, as well as my own experiences to know that meditation is what can make the difference. Keep meditating and the wheel of reincarnation will gradually stop. The physical body and the experiences it brings with it will no longer be necessary.

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