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Living with a New Age Worldview

Having a new age worldview is not easy when you live in a materialistic world. It's definitely not the most popular view when put next to other world views such as atheism, Christianity, as well as other organized religions. It does however have a bit more in common with organized religions than it does with atheism.

A new age worldview, or what I prefer to call a metaphysical worldview can have many spiritual rewards, as it's a beautiful and rewarding way to look at the world.

What is the New Age Worldview

This metaphysical worldview sees everything as being connected as a whole. It's also the acceptance of physical reality is an illusion. With this view, God is not anthropomorphic in nature. God is a part of everything, and we are part of God, much like a slice of an apple is still part of that apple.

It's also the belief that there are several universal spiritual laws that govern the perceived reality around us. These laws work together and have a direct effect on what our life has brought us in the past, what it is brining us in the present, and where our lives might be headed in the future

Love, Peace and Kindness

Having a new age worldview also means practicing love and kindness to the greatest degree. This is probably the most difficult to put into daily practice, and I struggled with it for many years myself. It's easy to get off track on this one, since we all have human emotions, and certain events and behaviors of people can trigger those emotions.

The joy of seeing everything existing as a manifestation of love and practicing kindness to others whenever the opportunity presents itself can change your life in of itself. For those with a low self-image, it will change how you feel about yourself and how others feel towards you.

No Quantum Jump Yet

Many of those who study metaphysics try to prove the validity of a new age and metaphysical worldview with the mention of quantum physics.

While there may be certain parallels that can be drawn between metaphysics and quantum physics at a sub atomic level, none of this is proven yet, and it is still purely theoretical and speculative.

At the least, I think that quantum physics does help us to realize that there is still much more to reality that science doesn't quite have a grasp on yet.

For even quantum physicists are having a difficult time coming into agreement with each other's theories on how one should view our physical reality. I believe the worldview held by mainstream science is still in its infancy.

Skeptics of the New Age WorldView

When it comes to hearing from skeptics who oppose the metaphysical view of life, you'll find that most of them come from an organized religious background. Most atheists won't bother, because the view of the world from a metaphysical standpoint, is something that can't be proven anyway, as it's more of a philosophical way of looking at the world. So they are just wasting their time.

On the other hand, many organized religious groups will scoff at viewing the world through metaphysical glasses, due to their rigid biblical beliefs that any viewpoint outside of what the bible teaches is of the devil. With that said, that is their right to believe so, and I certainly wouldn't push my view of the world on them. In fact, true metaphysics is opposed to the idea of pushing beliefs on anyone.

Concluding View

The new age worldview is mostly driven by philosophy and meditation, and is arrived at through personal experience and exploration. It's just a metaphysical way of looking at the world around us. Will the scientifically accepted worldview today be the worldview of tomorrow?

I think eventually the worldview of tomorrow will be a combination of philosophy, metaphysics, science and religion. The question is, how long would it take us to transition into that type of worldview?

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Views of the reality around us may expand and change. Only you will know what view is the right one for you, and your time and place.

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