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Should You Attend a New Age Church?

Let me first start by saying that a New Age Church, also often labeled as a Unity or Metaphysical Church, may not be for you. On the other hand, a Unity or New Age Church might be just the perfect spiritual and social interaction you've been looking for.

While this site predominantly deals with the philosophy and validity of metaphysical teachings, I decided to add some supplemental sections to help those trying to educate themselves, meet others of like mind, and grow spiritually through personal interaction.

As I mentioned before on this site, I sometimes cringe at the term "New Age" only because of the large expanse the word encompasses, and the negative connotation it tends to carry with it. Also, fact that most of what's taught isn't really "new" at all. However, I will use it occasionally as it often helps people locate what they are looking for, and is still used very often in metaphysics.

A Unity, New Age, or Metaphysical Church is best defined as a particular type of church that doesn't adhere to strict religious practices. While Unity Churches do subscribe to a strong belief in Christ with a non traditional Christian slant, they aren't bogged down by the strict biblical interpretation of strict rules and doctrine that is so prevalent in traditional Christianity. It is important to keep in mind that the spiritual practice of each church may differ from one place to another.

This page and the pages it links to will focus on the New Age Church, specifically the Unity Church and where you might be able to find one in your area, and any specific info relevant to the church.

Is a Unity Church Right For You?

As I mentioned above, a Unity Church may or may not be right for you, and only you can decide this. If one hand you prefer to take a path of solitude and study everything on your own, or if you have some close friends that share your passion of metaphysical studies, then you may not see any benefit of attending a metaphysical church.

On the other hand, if you feel alone on your path and you want to be able to share your interest and insight of metaphysics with others of like mind, but you don't know where to turn, then checking out a local Unity Church may not be such a bad idea.

Now, not all Unity or Metaphysical Churches are alike. You will find some that have more of a religious slant, while others are very unbiased spiritually and are open to any metaphysical idea that has merit. If the church has a web site, it may give you a good idea of what the spiritual philosophy of that church is. However, the only way you are going to truly know is by attending the church.

The worst case scenario is you spend 1 to 2 hours of your time finding out that it just isn't for you. Best case scenario is that you resonate well with the spirituality and open mindedness that it taught there, and you end up with some fantastic lasting friendships because of it. You no longer feel alone on your journey.

Unity and New Age Church Small Sample Listing

I'm listing only a small sampling of a few unity churches here so that you can get a feel of what they offer.

There are plenty of church directories you can search for in Google if you are trying to locate a specific unity church within your area.

In the mean time, you can click on one of the cities below to pull up more information on what type of services/activities you can expect.


Please Note: The classification of Metaphysical Church, New Age Church and Unity Church, may be used interchangeably on this site. I've yet to decide if I'm going to list anymore churches due to the time involved, and the fact that these resources can easily be found elsewhere.

I mostly wanted to give you an idea on the generalities of what to expect at a unity church or new age church

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It is important to keep in mind that the spiritual practice / agenda of each church may differ from one church to another.

Please make sure and check the "News Blog" displayed on the left top portion of the page. There, you will find the latest updates to this site, as well as some of the latest news that pertains to the Metaphysical field.

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