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Is New Age Channeling Synonymous with Mediumship?

When you run across the term, "New Age Channeling", you may wonder if they are speaking of mediumship in general or channeling exclusively. There is a difference between channeling and mediumship, although some will often use one term when they mean the other. Below you'll find those basic differences.


In a sense, you can say that channeling is more of a subset of mediumship in which a spirit is using a channeler's vocal cords and sometimes body as a conduit. You'll often hear the channeler's voice changing, or perhaps the expressions or mannerisms will become uncharacteristic of that person as they channel the information from the spiritual world.


Now when I think of mediumship, I think more of someone, such as a psychic medium, who's able to communicate with those who have passed on from their physical existence. Someone such as John Edward would fit into this definition.

John Edward is one who is able to raise his vibration and at the same time, non physical spiritual energy, is able to lower it's vibration to allow this communication to take place. This communication is often brought upon from the need of someone needing assurance that their loved ones who have passed on are okay. Much more information on mediumship will be available as this site develops.

Concluding View

There's much controversy and skepticism today about new age channeling and mediumship, as it's so open to fraudulent claims. The late Jane Roberts and Esther Hicks are two Channelers that I feel the most comfortable with today. On the mediumship side, John Edward is one of my favorite psychic mediums. The information these individuals bring forth just rings true in the most sincere way and it's the most consistent with age-old metaphysical teachings.

I do often wonder however if the above mentioned individuals are are actually channeling a spiritual entity, or are they just tapping the full awareness of universal mind or perhaps the akashic records. I guess we may never know, at least in the foreseeable future.

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Remember, there's nothing "new" about new age channeling. The term "new age" is extremely over-used.

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