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The Metaphysics of Reality and Illusion

Albert Einstein didn't even realize he was preaching metaphysics when he said, "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert knew what metaphysicians have known for thousands of years, and many of us are coming to realize today. Reality is not what you think it is.

So this begs the question, is everything we perceive merely an illusion? Living in a materialistic world that is governed by our five physical senses often makes it difficult to answer this question objectively. Physicist Dr Fred Alan Wolf said “Reality is not just the physical world, it’s the relationship of the mind with the physical world that gives the perception of reality.” I couldn’t agree more with that comment, since it all boils down the perception, and your attention given to it.

The metaphysical school of thought is that everything that exists in our physical world was first conceived in thought, and was then brought forth into the physical world by our own thinking. In fact, thought is all there is. If you want to take it a step further, even we as spiritual beings are just thoughts. We are projected from the universal mind or what many call God for the purpose of expression and enjoyment.

What about the idea that there is no solidity in objects? If you knock on a door, that door appears solid to you, but is it really? Many physicists are coming to an agreement that solid objects such as a door or desk etc, aren’t really solid at all, but they just appear that way to the eye and to touch.

This is one area of study that metaphysics and science is beginning to agree on. Now of course, through the eyes and hands of the observer, everything is solid. Now you may be asking, if nothing is truly solid, why is it that we aren’t able to walk through walls? Why is it that if a door is closed, you’ll end up with a pretty sore head or worse if you try to run through it?.

Well, not only is your consciousness saturated with the belief that walls are solid, but you also have to take into effect that the combined collective consciousness of millions of people have also imposed that same belief upon the wall. Combined, that’s a very powerful belief. I’m sure you’ve read the story of Jesus being able to walk on water. Jesus could do this because he was a Master.

Jesus had a perception of reality that was very different from ours, because of his enlightened state. The Christ consciousness that dwelled within him allowed him to see through all levels of illusion. He was a master of metaphysics and it's underlining principles.

One analogy I like to use in regards to reality is our dream world we experience at night. Have you ever had a vivid dream that was filled with texture, personality and realism? Well, when you were in that dream, wasn’t that dream a reality to you when you engaged in it? The people and environment you interacted with probably felt very real, and while you were in the dream you probably couldn’t detect a physical world even existing apart from it.

While it’s true that it may not have been as vivid as our physical world, it nonetheless was still your reality at that moment. I bring up this analogy because many people have a hard time even believing that the reality they perceive is an illusion.

If they can related to this dream analogy, I think it’s easier for the brain to grasp other possibilities and alternate realities.

So what do you do if you want to experience a different reality than the one you are living today? Well, you will find more on this in the sections on metaphysics I cover on meditation and the law of attraction.

Let’s just say that the further your rise on your own path towards enlightenment, the fewer questions about reality you’ll eventually have. Your reality will still exist, it’s just that you’ll move through different doors or reality as you begin to remove illusion.

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When you study metaphysics, understanding that reality is just an illusion is imperative.

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"Reality is a palette that humans paint on to let themselves sleep better at night."

- Author Unknown

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