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The Benefits of Having a Metaphysical Degree

While having a metaphysical degree isn't necessarily for the casual student of metaphysics, it does have some benefits if you are planning on obtaining a position within the metaphysical field, or if you just have a unquenchable thirst of continual study on metaphysical concepts.

To be honest though, don't look towards a metaphysical degree with the intent of making a money based career out of it, because you may be dissapointed.

It may make you more marketable however if you are planning on doing some work for a local unity church or perhaps writing a book based upon what you've learned. These are just a couple of examples of what you can use your degree for. I list others below

My own interest in metaphysical degrees is from a knowledge point of view only. I'm willing to pay a certain amount to expand my thinking and viewpoints into many different areas with a set ciriculum based in metaphysical philosophy.

Be Careful of Your Selection

When you do select a metaphysical school you want to attend, please be careful. I've done some recent research and metaphysical schools seem to be popping up everywhere, and some of them are very expensive. Think twice before you put down several thousand dollars for a metaphysical school that may or may not benefit you.

I'm not here to pass judgement on any of the schools with degree programs, but just saying to do some careful research first before putting down your money.

Pursing a Degree Without a Career in Mind

While many people would want to pursue a metaphysical degree for career purposes only, some folks just have a quest for spiritual knowledge and philosophy. Because most metaphysical colleges aren't accredited, the cost of pursuing a degree is substantially lower compared to other degree programs from accredited universities.

Because of the lower cost, it makes these type of degree programs more attractive to the spiritual seeker who just wants to deepen and expand their knowledge on metaphysical concepts. Just be certain that you research the college thoroughly and make sure that it's offering what you seek in a degree program. I've found that different metaphysical colleges offer different curriculum, so it's important to check this out. It's still your hard-earned money, so you want make sure you will be getting what's advertised.

Career Opportunities in Metaphysics

There are many career opportunities that are easier to obtain if one has a degree in Metaphysics and they include the following just to give you some ideas:

  • Operating a metaphysical bookstore
  • Instructing metaphysical classes
  • Authoring a spiritual book
  • Private counseling with metaphysical solutions.
  • Holding lectures at unity churches.

These are just some of the ways that you can use your metaphysical degree to your benefit. True, you don't necessarily NEED a degree to accomplish what's listed above, but your chances and credentials are increased significantly if you do have a degree in metaphysics.

Just like any degree program though, you need to make sure you are willing to commit to the time it takes to get through your studies before you embark on such an adventure, but if you have the time and money and a passion for metaphysics, a degree might be just what you've been looking for.

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