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Metaphysical College of Theology

A metaphysical college, by the name of the International College of metaphysical Theology, is an online college that focuses more on a theological view of metaphysics.

What I mean by, "more of a theological view", is that some metaphysical colleges are more focused on the paranormal aspects and ignore the origin and worldview of metaphysics. This doesn't appear to be the case with this college however.

Degree Programs Offered

The following degrees are offered at this college:
  • Bachelor of Metaphysical Theology
  • Master of Metaphysical Theology
  • Doctor of Metaphysical Theology

In addition to the degree programs listed above, the college has an impressive choice of Doctoral Degree areas of focus, including but not limited to: paranormal studies, eastern religions and philosophies, and spiritual counseling. There is much more information on their web site about this


A look at the Curriculum for a Bachelor of Metaphysical Theology shows that the emphasis is placed on reading selected works and then writing papers on them. Some of the subjects chosen include: the study of ancient metaphysics, a historical course on God and various religions, the philosophy of different religions and metaphysics, Native American spirituality, altered state of consciousness and much more.

For the Master of Metaphysical Theology Degree, it's more research oriented as you would expect. Again, just like the Bachelor of Metaphysical Theology degree, selected readings are required and a research oriented Masters Thesis Project must be written in order to complete the degree program.

When you start getting into the Doctoral Degree requirements, you'll find that it's broken out into several different areas of study, depending upon the student's interests and goals. You are required to write a fairly lengthy research paper and also read a few books that pertain to your specific area of study that you have chosen. Lots of work here, but after all itÂ’s a Doctoral Degree so it should be.

Concluding View

The Metaphysical College of Theology offers a fairly attractive curriculum, and I'm especially impressed with the Doctoral options. Of course nobody knows for sure what they are getting unless they've attended the college themselves, but I can't help but be impressed on what I've seen so far.

I'm not going to include the tuition amount on this page as it is always subject to change, but the tuition is a bit more than some other colleges, but less than others. Overall, based upon the curriculum I've reviewed, the variety of choices, and the material offered, it sounds like The International College of Metaphysical Theology is worth looking into.

Please visit their website at: International College of metaphysical Theology or you can call them at 1800-727-2478 for more information.

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ICM has been in place for several years now.

There are really only a few metaphysical schools worth looking into, and this metaphyhsical college is one of them.

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