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Metaphysical Book Publishers and Book Reviews

A large number of metaphysical book publishers that entered the scene over the last few decades. This number has especially accelerated during the last 10 years or so. There are of course other general publishers that have books of all categories, but the ones that cater especially to metaphysics or new age have grown.

Here is a list of publishers that are either currently publishing metaphysical books or that have published them in the past. Book Publisher Listing.

You may also find this list of books helpful if you are an aspiring author who has written a book of metaphysical content and are sifting through a variety of metaphysical book publishers. By the time my list is complete, you'll have several different publishers you can contact. At this time I haven't had time to compile a list of publishers, but I'm planning on doing this soon.

In addition to listing metaphysical book publishers, I'm also listing many metaphysical books that you may be interested in reading.

I do want to add that you won't find books listed here that are written about topics such as crystals, astrology, numerology, palmistry or other fashionable New Agey topics. Instead, the concentration of material will be more centered on books that try and approach metaphysical topics from a more scientific point of view, in an attempt to fuse the two together.

For a list of recommended metaphysical authors, click here: Metaphysical Authors.

The books listed below will be broken down by topic. There will also be listings of books that are more theoretical and philosophical in nature, but great for spiritual growth and development and maintain a consistency with other metaphysical teachings.

This isn't an end all in book lists, as I'm sure I'll be leaving some good books out. It's just a list by topic that I've found to be valuable in your pursuit of metaphysical studies. All of these books will have extensive reviews written in time.

metaphysical book publishers

Merging of Metaphysics, Science and Theory

Psychic Phenomena / ESP

Remote Viewing

General Metaphysics / Spiritual Growth

Near Death / Afterlife

Past Life Research


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When looking for quality metaphysical books, you way want to search for particular metaphysical book publishers that have released books you've enjoyed in the past.

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"The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it"

- James Bryce

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