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A Listing of Some Really Good Metaphysical Authors

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Here are a few good metaphysical authors from a list that I recently compiled. Many of these authors have been on the market for quite some time, while others are fairly new.

Some of the these authors write their books from more of a scientific slant, while others concentrate more on metaphysical theology from a philosophical standpoint.

I created this list for those that may be looking for a good metaphysical author, or who is new to the metaphysical field. Some of the these authors may be known to you and some may not be.

Whether the author writes purely philosophical spiritual books, metaphysical books, or books geared more towards supporting scientific beliefs, I'll list some of the more prominent ones.

Many of these authors you will find listed in the pioneers section of this Website, and I go into more detail about the author there. If their name is clickable(underlined), click on it.

This will be just a brief list of names to help you get started in your search if you are looking for some reading material.

The Metaphysical Authors of Evidence

dean radin


Dean's books center around PSI. He provides excellent evidence for the existence of PSI, and also challenges some of the beliefs that try and disprove PSI.

chris carter


Chris is a relatively new writer on the metaphysical front. Chris too provides strong evidence for PSI, and survival of consciousness relating to near death experiences. Like Dean, he loves to challenge skeptical arguments against said paranormal phenomena. Also, like Dean Radin, He's one of the best there is when it comes to providing evidence!



Elizabeth has only one book out that I'm aware of, but it's a damn good one. Elizabeth writes about many anecdotal cases, mostly centering around ESP But most importantly, she provides her own evidence from her own experience. She also has the reputation of being a skeptic. Sadly she passed away.

Jim Tucker


Looking for verifiable past life evidence? Look no further. Dr Tucker studies children who've had past life memories. He then set out to verify the information given to him and with large amounts of success. The birthmark studies he has done is nothing short of amazing. But as any good scientist would, he leaves it up to you to decide.

The Metaphysical Authors of Theory and Evidence

Fred Alan Wolf


Fred is the author of several books. He develops theories centered around the wacky crazy world of quantum physics. His off the wall humor makes for enjoyable listens in his audio interviews, although his books can be a bit deep and highly theoretical. Recommended for those who want to take more of a "spiritual" approach to quantum physics.

Michael Talbot


Michael, who also sadly passed away, presents a theory in which the universe behaves as a hologram. His book The Holographic Universe is a metaphysical classic

Thomas Campbell


Thomas Campbell is an author of one of the most complex books I've ever read. His research is based on the theory that the physical world is a virtual reality. His trilogy of books, entitled My Big Toe is pretty heavy reading, but very intriguing.

Lynn McTaggart


Lynne has a couple of excellent books dealing with the study of intention. Her work is built upon the premises that thoughts effect things. I would be interested in what Lynne has to offer in the future, as her last book is very enjoyable.

Other Metaphysical Authors

Jane Roberts


Most everyone who's read metaphysical works has at least heard of Jane Roberts. Jane is the metaphysical author of many books which have been said to have come into being through a channeled non physical personality named SETH. Whether or not you believe that the material is actually channeled or not is understandable, but her work is a classic and not to be missed!

William Buhlman


Many people consider Robert Bruce to be the current authority on out of body experiences, but I prefer William Buhlman. Not only is William an expert in his area, but his work is much easier to understand and less wordy.

Michael Newton


Dr Newton's first book "Journey of Souls" really got me into past life research. Newton's work includes many cases involving his patients that have underdone past life regression therapy. The information they bring back is often very detailed, info that I think is often too complex and intense to originate in pure imagination.


These are some of the more prominent metaphysical authors. There are a few others on my list that I haven't had the chance to check out yet. These will get you started though if you are looking for some good material within the field of metaphysics.I'm sure a few more authors will be added in the future.

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