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Is Your Meditation Position Really That Critical?

While your meditation environment can be critical, does this also apply to your meditation position? From my own research and experience, the position you meditate in is not that critical to your success.

Yoga Style Meditation

When one first thinks about meditation, they often get a mental picture in their minds of someone sitting in a lotus posture.

A lotus posture is when you are sitting cross-legged with each foot placed upon the opposite thigh. Your hands are often placed in what is defined as the Jnana Mudra Position. That is, when you curl your thumb to touch your index finger(forming an "O")while keeping the rest of your fingers extended and straight.

Hindus as well as other Eastern Religions prefer this type of position for meditation, and it is believed that the energy flows through the body more easily through the means of kundalini, and this may be true.

However, some people find this difficult. Also, others may have back issues and find this position extremely uncomfortable as well. So this often leads to them saying, "I can't meditate!" Then they give up.

I for one have never been able to meditate successfully in a lotus posture, but that's just me. If you can meditate this way, or enjoy the challenge of learning how, then go for it. I prefer to be very comfortable, so that I'm more easily able to focus on the meditation at hand.

Straight Back Chair

Some have good success meditating when they are sitting on a chair that has a straight back. This is probably the 2nd most popular method, next to the lotus posture.

I use the straight back chair method quite often for my meditations, with my feet placed firmly on the floor. However, those with back problems can still find some discomfort in this position. This leads to the next alternative.

Couch or Reclining Chair

This is the method that I most prefer when I am unable to get comfortable enough on a straight back chair. If you are sitting on a couch, your feet are still able to touch the ground, which some people find is important in staying grounded.

What I can't say is how important it is to stay grounded in meditation. I've had success meditating both while sitting on a couch or reclining in a chair. Just make sure that you are not sleeping when meditating in a reclining chair however, or you will more than likely fall asleep

Lying Down on a Bed

As comfortable as this might sound, I wouldn't recommend the bed as a meditation position unless you have an extreme amount of self-control.

The reason for this is when you lie down, a signal is usually sent to the brain that this means "sleep". I've attempted meditating several times while lying down and every single time but once, I feel asleep fairly quickly.

Concluding View

The thing to take away from all this, is that whatever you find your favorite and most effective meditation position to be, is the one you should stick with. Take your time and experiment. Only you will know what works best for you.

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The more conditioned and comfortable you become at meditating, the more you'll be able to settle on a meditation position that works for you.

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