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Meditation Methods : - Questioning and Receiving

As you are trying out different meditation methods, you want to progress like you would with any other skill. Unlike the guided imagery or the free flowing style of meditation, the questioning and answering method is much more advanced.

When Should I Begin Using This Method?

There's really no wrong or right answer as to when you may want to start practicing this type of meditation. You may want to practice other meditation methods first before moving on to this one however.

Here are some guidelines that you may want to work with to better help you make your decision.

  • Are you able to relax comfortably when you meditate?
  • Are you able to meditate without any other distractions entering your mind?
  • When practicing free flowing style, do thoughts or images of higher consciousness periodically enter your mind?

If you are able to answer yes to the above questions, then you are probably ready to start utilizing the questioning and receiving method of meditation.

What is the Questioning and Receiving Meditation?

The questioning and receiving meditation is the type of meditation where you meditate with the anticipation of receiving some type of answer related to a question you bring into the meditation.

The Steps:

First Step: Locate yourself in a place free from distractions for about the next 30 to 45 minutes (You can go an hour if you'd like).

Second Step: Begin with the preliminary relaxation techniques to enter into a deep state of stillness

Third Step: Once you have entered into a deep state of meditation. Begin by voice your question (either out loud or to yourself)

Final Step: After you've asked your question, keep still and await the answer. Don't expect a deep booming voice to answer you question though, because if you do, you'll be disappointed.

Instead, be open to any images or thoughts that come into your mind that are related to your question. This is usually how the information comes to you, but again, don't have any expectations, or try and force anything. I'll later be providing some meditation scripts that will better help with this.

Concluding View

Many people will find the questioning and answering meditation to be their favorite of the 3 different methods. While I haven't had a lot of breakthroughs with this type of meditation myself, I have had some progress receiving answers in the form of imagery and brief flashes of insight thought following my questions.

You'll know when it happens to you, but you need to keep practicing it with no expectations.

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Remember, the questioning and receiving method is the most advanced of the meditation methods, so don't move onto this method until you feel like you are ready.

Otherwise you will only frustrate yourself if you aren't able to see or feel any results.

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