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Meditation Methods : -- The Free Flow Meditation

One of the more widely practiced meditation methods today is the free flow style meditation. This type of meditation is typically considered more advanced than the guided imagery meditation, but it really depends on how you use it.

What is the Free Flow Style?

The Free flow style meditation is where you put yourself into a meditative state through a series of deep breathing exercises. You then, through suggestive intent, enter into a stillness of mind and body.

Once you have been fully relaxed into a deep state of meditation, you work on quieting all of your thoughts. After quieting your thoughts and releasing all tension, you work on feeling the inner-connection and oneness, and welcome any other positive thoughts of non physical energy to permeate your consciousness.

Exploring other dimensions

If you are a really advanced meditator, you may be to the level where you are able to explore other dimensions while in a deep state of meditation.

I've talked to many people and read many instances where someone who has meditated for many years has been able to have experiences that you really can't put into words. Some of these experiences include the following:

  • Being able to communicate with non physical beings or energy
  • Exploring worlds(dimensions) that are much more advanced than our physical earth
  • Communicating with loves ones that have passed on
  • Communicating with spiritual guides
  • Asking specific questions and receiving answers

While some of these experiences may seem far fetched to you, I have seen an impressive consistency of these anecdotal experiences from a great number of people. I really can't see everyone fabricating these occurrences, and yet remaining so humble about their experience.

It should be noted though that usually these type of experiences typically only occur with the most advanced meditators. These meditators have cleared their minds of all negativity and ego blocks and are truly living their spiritual path all the time.

Now that's not to say that someone who isn't what one would classify as " spiritually advanced" won't experience any of this when doing free flow meditations, but it will probably just be too a much lesser degree than someone who is advanced.

Concluding View

While the free flow style meditation may not be the most appropriate of the select meditation methods for the beginner, it can be the most freeing and rewarding. It's also the type of meditation that you want to master if you are seeking benefits of meditation far beyond relaxation.

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Try not to put the cart ahead of the horse. There are other effective meditation methods besides the free=flowing style. You may have to start with the guided imagery meditation and then work up to the free-flowing style.

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