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Meditation Guide FAQ - To Questions and Answers

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In this meditation guide, you'll find some common and maybe not so common questions that I have been asked in regards to meditation. I base the answers from my own experience and success I've had with meditation throughout the years. I've grouped the questions/answers by sets in no particular order as the questions came in. More questions and answer segments will be added later to this meditation guide.

Meditation Guide FAQ Question Set Number 1

Question: When I meditate, why don't I see spirits? and enter other spiritual dimensions?

Answer: One of the biggest problems with beginner meditators is that their expectations are too high. There are some very advanced meditators and masters who've been meditating for many many years who are able to frequently communicate with guides or other non physical beings. But keep in mind, this has usually taken them years of practice and hundreds if not thousands of hours of meditation. The best approach is to have no expectations.

Question: If I don't make contact with any deceased relatives does that mean that I"am meditating wrong?

Answer: Absolutely not. See the question I answered above. Keep your expectations low. I hate to be a downer, but you may never make contact with deceased relatives if you aren't meant too or if they have moved on other lives. Meditating is all about raising consciousness and peace of mind.

Meditation Guide FAQ Question Set Number 2

Question: I keep falling asleep every time I meditate, what am I doing wrong?

Answer: I addressed this problem on the meditation section of my site. Aside from the obvious of not meditating when you are sleepy, try such things as meditating with the lights on, or keeping your eyes only halfway closed. Also, try not to meditate in your bedroom as that usually sends a signal to your brain that it's time to sleep.

Question: If I fall asleep during the meditation and then wake up, should I should start it over?

Answer: Don't feel you need to start a meditation over if you fell asleep. You could have still gained some benefit prior to falling asleep. Just try and maintain your alertness better the next time, and don't worry about it.

Meditation Guide FAQ Question Set Number 3

Question: How long should I mediate for?

Answer: This question comes up all the time. The answer is, meditate as long as you have time for, but don't feel as if you need to meditate for 2 hours or more every night. If you don't have 45 minutes or an hour to spare, don't use this as an excuse not to meditate. Even a focused 5 minute meditation is better than no meditation.

Question: I can't sit in a lotus posture to meditate, it kills my back. What do I do now?

Answer: One of the biggest misconceptions is that you HAVE to be in a specific posture to successfully meditate. Some meditate well this way, but others mediate more effectively in a straight back chair, on a couch, or even reclining in a chair.

I wouldn't recommend lying down on a bed though, unless you have developed self-control enough to keep yourself from falling asleep. I prefer sitting on a couch myself, although I will meditate sitting in a straight back chair from time to time.

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Remember, you meditate to still the mind and raise your consciousness level. If your intent is other that this, you may become discouraged.

Amazing things can happen in meditation, just don't let that be part of your expectation

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