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Meditation Definition

meditation definition

When it comes down to nailing the meditation definition, expect to receive a few diverse responses. This is because different people use meditation with a different objective in mind.

One individual may strive for different results from meditation than someone else, thus they may define it differently if you were to ask them.

The easiest and most simplest way to define it would be that meditation is the quieting of one's mind through various techniques, and which technique ends up being ultimately used depends on what the intended goal is.

In a pure spiritual sense, meditation is used to completely tune out the outside world and concentrate on the stillness(or silence) within.

As I mentioned above, different people have different goals in mind when it comes to meditation.

Some use meditation to achieve a purpose, such as attempting to reach an answer to a difficult question. Yet others focus on attempting contact with spirit guides or getting insights to previous lives. Still others may desire to use meditation to only achieve a deep state of relaxation and nothing more.

What is a meditation definition to you?

To me, the definition of meditation is when you sit or recline, with an intended goal in mind, and close your eyes and focus on your breathing and feeling the silence within

Also, always remember that your meditation position is not critical, you can sit in a comfortable straight back chair, recline in a chair, or even lie down if you choose. The point is for you to be comfortable.

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If everyone in the workplace would be allowed 15 minutes of meditation, productivity would increase.

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