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Meditation Anxiety Can Affect Your State of Mind

There are several things that can lead to meditation anxiety, but regardless, you must try and develop a clear state of mind prior to meditating in order to gain the most benefit from it.

Clearing your state of mind is one of the most important tips for better meditation that I can give you. You really have nothing to be anxious or fearful about, so try and clear your mind of anxiety or any other negative emotion before meditating.

During the course of a lifetime, the average person goes through a plethora of different emotions, ranging from anger to frustration to sadness and to all those in between. If someone is not mentally cleared, it's possible to go through many negative emotions in the course of just one day.

Regardless, it's important to try and put yourself in the best possible mood prior to beginning your meditation.

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You may wonder why a positive and joyful state of mind is so important before settling down to meditate. Well, when you meditate, you are accessing deep levels of consciousness, and you need to be able to direct your mind clearly, either on a particular visualization or on absence of thought, depending upon the type of meditation you are doing.

From my experience, when your thoughts are on anger, sadness, frustration etc, those emotions are often intensified during the meditation that makes you end up feeling worse than you did before the meditation. It's also very difficult to focus if you are doing a guided meditation. However, don't despair, because you can improve your state of mind prior to meditating.

If you find yourself burdened with a negative emotion before you sit down to meditate, it often helps if you do a pre-meditative exercise. For example, sit down and close your eyes and bring to mind a joyful time in your life when you were experiencing joy and happiness. It's important not to just see it in your mind's eye, but to also feel the emotion that you felt during that time.

Sometimes it helps to do positive affirmations while you are doing this exercise. Affirm to yourself such statement as, "I'm filled with joy and happiness", "love and peace flow through me", "Some wonderful times are ahead of me" etc, but use the affirmations that make you feel the best.

Now depending upon how angry, sad or frustrated you are, you may need to spend a few more minutes doing this as opposed to someone whom is feeling only a slight amount of anger etc. As you practice this pre-meditative exercise, you'll get better at it, so try not to put too many high of expectations on yourself.

This technique has worked well for me and there's no reason it won't work for you as well. You will get better through practice, and just having a few successes in this area will go a long way in eliminating any type of meditation anxiety you may face.

If you learn to train your mind to be calm and eliminate meditation anxiety and negative emotions, it will go a long way to helping you achieve deeper states during the meditation. It will open your mind to beautiful experiences and spiritual insight, as you continue your journey in metaphysics.

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Meditation anxiety can be a mental road block to your success. Having no expections as you enter a meditation can often help.

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