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Life Before Life - Children's Past Life Memories

Life Before Life is the first book I've read that deals with the past lives of children from a scientific point of view. First, I must say that this book did not disappoint in any way whatsoever.

While many metaphysical books on the market these days do a decent job of providing evidence of metaphysical phenomena, very few of them are able to investigate the phenomena the way mainstream science would like to see it investigated. Some of this can't be helped however due to the subtle nature of paranormal phenomena in general.

Enter Jim Tucker's book Life Before Life. Tucker's book is exceptionally written and it's the type of book I've been waiting to read for years on past life studies.

Only Dean Radin and Chris Carter have written books of this caliber, and yet Life Before Life still comes across as being very unique in itself. The best part of this book is that it is a fairly easy read and it doesn't get weighed down by overused metaphysical cliches.

Jim Tucker Life Before Life

The Cases

In Life Before Life, Jim presents many cases of children who claim to have memories from a past life. He extensively examines their claims and documents who they claim they were, who else was involved, the place the previous personality resided, as well as any other details they provide that will help him with his research.

Tucker then sets out to try and see if he's able to validate their claims. As you read through the cases, you'll see just how impressive the spot on results he brings back are. Many of the names, places and events match up perfectly. When the evidence doesn't match up, he's quick to point that out as well. Tucker doesn't hide anything in Life Before Life which is another thing I really like about this book.

The Birthmarks

Probably the most fascinating studies in this book are the cases that revolve around birthmarks. As it turns out, some of these children who claim to have been a previous personality have birthmarks(scars) that, when further investigated by Tucker, match a fatal wound in the exact location that that was located on the previously personality, such as a gunshot wound.

I was impressed at just how consistent the birthmark was to the actual wound. The question then arises, how is it that consciousness is able to carry over a previous wound into the new body? Just to speculate, perhaps some how the trauma to the personality is so intense that it leaves a scar on the body of the reincarnating consciousness.

Alternate Explanations

What I especially like in the book, Life Before Life is how Tucker doesn't assume reincarnation with any of the cases until he breaks them down.

In fact, he never completely says that reincarnation is the only answer, but he does slowly eliminate all other possibilities through thoughtful examination

There are several sections in the book where Tucker will list all of the alternate explanations in detail for the various cases. Once you see how he weeds out all of the other explanations, you have to all but accept that these children were reincarnated based on the evidence with some off the stronger cases.

To follow up what I mentioned above, Tucker does admit that some cases are stronger than others when it comes to evidence, and ultimately he lets you make up your own mind.

Concluding View

If you are interested in studying past lives from more of a scientific viewpoint, I would suggest to start with picking up Life After Life. You may ask why are there so many books written on children recalling past lives as opposed books written on adult past life recall?

Well, it's pretty simple really. Children are closer in time proximity to their previous life than adults are, substantially increasing their recall ability. It's also why the child's memory of a past life slowly begins to fade as that child grows older.

I'll finish this review by saying, the implications of proving the existence of past lives is huge. If it is able to be proven from a scientific point of view, then science may begin to accept the idea that consciousness is separate from the brain. This will lead to other investigations of paranormal phenomena and perhaps it will began to be taken more seriously and the funding for such studies will increase.

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In addition to Life Before Life, Dr Ian Stevenson is thought of as another excellent authority on Children's Past Lives. I've yet to look into his work though

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