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All About Learning the Law of Attraction

First off, this isn't a crash course on Learning the Law of Attraction. My intent here isn't to teach you a course on how to master law of attraction, but to help you "learn" more about it and present theories as to why sometimes it behaves in ways that are sometimes completely unpredictable.

Even though this isn't a course in LOA, I will still present some different techniques though that you can practice on your own that others have utilized successfully.

To get you started on your own, here's a listing of recommended book titles on the law of attraction for you to look into. Law of Attraction Book Titles.

The first step in learning the law of attraction (LOA) is to understand as much as you can about it. First off, LOA has been around ever since the origin of time.

How is this possible? well, if we take it as a law, then you can't really say that it's only been around for 50 or 100 years. Universal and physical laws don't all of the sudden just pop their way into and out of existence. It only recently however began to gain massive attention.

For a brief introduction, click The law of attraction explained to get a brief introduction into this powerful yet mysterious universal law.

Once you have the general concept of LOA down , you should then learn about how LOA and vibration relate.

The Secret

So why is it that LOA has all the sudden gained massive attention? Well, a large part of that is due to the release of the popular film The Secret. However, that movie is far removed from being the predecessor on the law of attraction.

For example, in 1937 there was a book written by Napoleon Hill, entitled Think and Grow Rich. This book in itself makes strong emphasis on learning the law of attraction to obtain prosperity, although the material is presented a bit differently than it is in The Secret. NonethelessThink and Grow Rich is just one example of published work on the law of attraction that is been available to people for a very long time.


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If you are skeptical of the law of attraction, that's okay. Don't be a blind believer. Practice it yourself, and if the results are good, then keep it. It can work in very subtle ways however.

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"Whatever your mind can conceive and can believe, it can achieve".

- Napoleon Hill

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