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The Universal Law of Attraction - LOA Defined

To begin with, The Law of Attraction or LOA, has always been misunderstood and has received a bad reputation due to the hype and over simplification of it's methods and results. I'll have much more to say at another time, which you'll be able to locate on the navigation bar labeled, "law of attraction". But until then, it's on to the definition.

There's much that can be written on this law, but this page is just to give an overview on this puzzling and often refuted universal law.

In spite of it's recent popularity, the law of attraction has been around for centuries. In fact, because it's a universal metaphysical law, it has more than likely been around since the beginning of time, as these universal laws just can't pop in and out of existence.

The whole premise behind this law is that like attracts like. Now that's probably the best way to think about it, and it's important not to get yourself overly hyped up with expectations once you begin to practice various law of attraction techniques.

From a more general standpoint, LOA states that you get you get what you think about. Basically anything kept in the mind long enough and focused on, must come to pass. Now I think it's important to add to this definition in that your consciousness has limits in this life as to what it's able to attract. As an example, if you are an 80 year old and you focus intently on playing a professional sport such as football, your chances of success will be slim to none due to physical limitations.

Also, it's of my opinion that karma can play a big role in what type of life you are living based upon previous incarnations and the lessons you failed to learn in previous lives.

Now, it's very possible that someone with lots of karmic debt, may be able to utilize LOA to create a much better life, but to what degree is unknown. I think it largely depends upon what lessons you agreed to learn and whether or not you've learned those lessons.

Many people may not want to hear this, but LOA must be thought of with a degree of realism. If we were all enlightened beings living as Master teachers, with a mindset that this world is a world of pure illusion, then perhaps there would be absolutely no limits on the law of attraction.

So after researching lots of different metaphysical material and the universal laws, this is where I stand on a brief definition of LOA.

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Don't get discouraged if you've been practicing LOA and not seeing the results you expected. Meditate on it and see what you get.

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