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The Law of Attraction and Vibration and Their Relationship

Law of Attraction and Vibration

Can You Feel the Vibes?

As you learn about LOA, you will also learn that the law of attraction and vibration work together. So, before you are able to attract anything into your life through conscious effort, it will be easier if you are able to understand the relationship between LOA and vibration.

Since the law of attraction and vibration do work together, it's important to become aware of what your current conscious thoughts and feelings are. You can start off by asking yourself the general question, "Am I a positive thinker? Or am I a negative thinker?"

Another way of asking that question would be: "Do I generally vibrate positive energy? or do I generally vibrate negative energy?" Perhaps you drift in between those two and you really aren't a pure positive person, but you aren't a pure negative person either.

The point I am trying to makes is that because thoughts attract like thoughts, your state of mind and what you're thinking directly influences your vibration positioning and that in turn will be a deciding factor as to what will manifest in your life over time.

The difficulty in adjusting one's vibration comes from the fact that you aren't always conscious of what you are attracting into your existence. This is because you may think you are thinking positive thoughts and offering little resistance as to what you want to attract into your life, but that still small voice within might be making you feel otherwise

So even though the relationship of the law of attraction and vibration needs to be understood at a conscious level, the manifestations are often the cause of something taking place at a subconscious level.

Law of Attraction and Vibration - Consciously

You can consciously alter your vibration by thinking thoughts that are more in tune with your desires. Some different ways that this can be achieved include the following:

  • affirmations
  • positive thinking
  • participating in activities that make you feel better
  • giving oneself consistent positive affirmations
  • reaching out and helping others, as that generally raises vibration

These are all ways that you can work on manipulating your vibration and thus attracting experiences that are more aligned with your wants and desires. I am sure you can think of some other ways. Some ways may work better for you than others, as some people often respond to one method more than others. Experiment and have fun!

Law of Attraction and Vibration - Subconsciously

The primary way that vibration can be altered at a subconscious level is by practicing deep meditation and focusing on reaching for a better feeling that is closer in line to what you are trying to manifest.

If you are good at lucid dreaming, you can even learn to manipulate your dreams to be more positive to help direct your vibration.

I am not a lucid dreamer, but almost always, if I have a horrible dream, I tend to have a negative experience the following day. If I have a great dream, it's usually followed by a very good day. If I have a normal dream, the next day is usually uneventful. This happens so often that it far outweighs coincidence...

Concluding View

There are many sources out there on the law of attraction. But choose wisely and be careful of any website/video that PROMISES to bring you everything you desire so easily.

There are many things that have yet to be understood when it comes to the law of attraction and vibration and how to best manipulate vibration to attract your desires. If it were that easy, many more people would be doing it just by following the protocol of the teachings of LOA. I do think we are getting closer to understanding it though.

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The Law of Attraction and Vibration and how they relate.

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