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Journey of Souls - A Door to the Afterlife

Journey of Souls was recommended to me by a friend several years ago. Upon first glancing at the cover, I thought it might have just been a book on NDEs as opposed to past live regression via hypnotherapy

Journey of Souls was my first exposure to the world of past life regression and because of this, I didn't really have any preconceived notions on what to expect.

It was interesting to see how this book mirrored my own metaphysical beliefs based upon my own research and metaphysical philosophies.

29 Cases and Past Lives

After a brief introduction, Dr. Michael Newton begins the book by by putting the first of twenty night people under hypnosis and opening their memory channels through their subconscious to discover past lives.

Some of these past lives touched on had occurred hundreds of years ago, but thankfully none of these people claimed to have been King Author or any other prominent historical figure, which use to dampen my earlier beliefs on past lives when facilitated by other past life regressionists.

The early chapters of the book cover such topics as, death and departure, entering the spirit world, orientation, transition and placement. Different people were used for each topic that was covered and the consistency was pretty impressive when compared to those who've had NDEs.

Journey of Souls

Soul Stages

A good section of the middle of Journey of Souls filled with cases describing the various stages a soul must go through in order to complete it's development. This is consistent with the teaching of metaphysics as it can be best compared to the various stages one must go through to reach enlightenment.

One can easily see the differences in experiences these people describe as they cycle through the experiences of beginning souls, intermediate souls and finally advanced souls. I'm sure an entire book could probably be filled to cover in detail the progress of each level, but Michael Newton does well at keeping this information meaningful yet concise.

Life Selection and Rebirth

Two covered topics that I felt were really fascinating in this book is that of life selection and rebirth.

This would include cases such as how we select the parents we are to have in every given life to better one's development to allow the full growth and expansion of the soul.

Also discussed with those under hypnosis was the process of a soul returning back to earth for another incarnation. You should find many questions answered in these chapters, but I'm sure not all of them will be.

Concluding View

I enjoyed reading this book and it further solidified what I already knew regarding past lives and reincarnation. I do of course wonder if Newton had to cut down the verbiage of the sessions in order for the book to read coherently. As long as the main content was kept intact, I'm okay with that.

I'm always skeptical of those books that I read that say something completely different and that goes against every metaphysical teaching I've learned. Usually if the book doesn't resonate with solidly held metaphysical teachings or if something seems fishy, I won't finish reading it, although I will read at least 2 thirds of it to be fair. Thankfully Journey of Souls is not one of these books.

If you are going to read a book on past life hypnotherapy, then Journey of Souls is a book you need to read. Dr. Newton has a couple of other books out as well that I hope to review at a later time.

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