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Michael Talbot's -- The Holographic Universe

While Michael Talbot’s' The Holographic Universe is well over a decade old, it's still one of the most powerful and fascinating books to this day. Whether you are into metaphysics or not, this book belongs in your collection if you've often wondered about the whole structure of reality.

Ahead of It's Time

When the The Holographic Universe came out, it was ahead of it's time. What I mean by that is that many of the ideas Michael expressed in this book weren't near as talked about like they are today.

While it's true that others, including physicist David Bohm, had written or supported other types of holographic models of the brain or of reality, it was Talbot that brought all of those pieces together in his own theory and exposed it to more of the mainstream population.

Today we see many more metaphysical books and quantum physics books discussing the types of theories that Michael presented in his book.

For example, a January issue of Scientific Americanhad a cover story of recent findings, leading to a holographic theory of the universe and everything in it. It's quite a fascinating read.

The Theory

In a nutshell, the holographic theory revolves around the concept of taking the light from a laser gun and having it split into two beams. The first beam that is split bounces off the object to be photographed and the second beam collides with the light that is reflected from the first beam. This results in an interference pattern that is recorded in a film like manner, or a holographic image.

The theory is that everything we see around us is a hologram. There is of course much more to this that I'm not going to go into for copyright and complexity reasons, so you'll have to read the book to find out what it may all mean.

The Evidence

Michael does an excellent job of elaborating on the rationale behind this theory and presents many examples in the book to support his argument.

While it's true that many examples he gives for evidence are anecdotal in nature, I was able to research many of them further on the internet. These weren't just examples fabricated from an over active imagination, he really went through a lot of effort to put this together. Furthermore there are over 25 pages of notes at the end of the book citing his sources.

David Bohm

Michael refers to the work of David Bohm throughout his book. David was a quantum physicist who did a lot of theoretical research and came up with a holographic model of the brain, which he wrote numerous papers on. Talbot does an excellent job using some of this David's theories to support his own.

Paranormal Experiences

The author also gives numerous examples of various paranormal activity that he has experienced in his life. This began happening to him at a young age, and seemed to be part of his inspiration to write this book and help try and give a theory to some of what he was experiencing.

In addition to his own paranormal experiences, he also covers other paranormal topics such as: miracles, near death experiences, the concept of time travel, out of body experiences, ESP, dreams, and UFOs. Again, he cites many examples of why he believes that each of these topics supports his theory.

Concluding View

Many conventional scientists may not like The Holographic Universe due to the paranormal aspects of it. However, I think everyone can bring away something from reading this book, even if it's just an opening of your senses to perhaps you are wrong in your present thinking of what reality really is.

One thing I didn't realize until recently was that Michael Talbot passed away in 1992 due to Leukemia. This was shortly after completing The Holographic Universe. Michael was only 38 years old. This was a big loss for the world, as I now wonder what other fascinating books and research Michael would have been able to complete, had he still been alive today.

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An interesting note, there's a rock band that put out a cd in 2008 entitled The Holographic Universethat was inspired by Talbot's book.

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