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Hinduism and Reincarnation

When you begin researching the history behind past lives, the various topics of Hinduism and reincarnation, or Hinduism and afterlife usually surfaces. The Hindu belief in reincarnation is fairly synonymous with the metaphysical definition, but there are however some differences in the specifics.

Why The Hindu belief in Reincarnation is So Strong

According to Hinduism, one's soul must continue to reincarnate a countless number of times until able to reach a merging with the force of Brahman, which is defined as a infinite unifying force of God. Another way to look at is, what we call the soul, must go through many reincarnations until it merges with Source(all there is).

Each time the soul reincarnates, it moves closer to Brahman through growth and the experience gained through the bodies and forms it occupies. Reincarnation is essential to this process, which is why it's a big part of the Hindu belief system.

Coming Back as a Plant?

When you look at Hinduism and reincarnation, it's a bit different than what you see in traditional metaphysics. Unlike the metaphysical teaching that fully supports reincarnation in human form, Hinduism has the belief that not only do you reincarnate as a human being, but there may also be times when you reincarnate as an insect, animal, or plant. It's believed that the soul evolves and perfects itself through this cycle of reincarnation of various life forms

Merging Back To Oneness

As mentioned above, the cycle of reincarnation continues until you reach Oneness or what Hinduism calls, Brahman. Once that state is reached, the cycle of reincarnation is shut off like a faucet, and you exist in pure spiritual form apart from the physical world. Your spiritual essence merges into the ultimate form of Source. It's what Hinduism would view as God.

Concluding View

If you study Hinduism and reincarnation, you can't help but be fascinated with the history and origin of how their beliefs came together, and the similarities between Hinduism and other spiritual belief systems.

The whole idea of the soul reincarnating until lessons, experience, and perfection is gained, is synonymous with many belief structures that embrace reincarnation, and it's these commonalties that we should pay attention to.

Hinduism has always intrigued me, and many aspects of it sit very close to my own spiritual beliefs and itÂ’s highly respected. There are some differences though, that I'm not quite fully aligned with. For example, I do have a hard time with the concept of someone reincarnating back as an insect or a plant. This doesn't seem to be supported by most of the spiritual mediums and metaphysical teachers you talk to, nor does it seem supported by past life research or past life hypnosis therapists.

Most if not all of the reputable test cases I'm aware of involve the person recalling their previous life or lives as a human, or perhaps a being on a different plane of existence, but usually never an insect or a plant that I'm aware of. I honestly can't see how the soul, or even a part of the soul can exist in a plant and be able to evolve in the same the way a soul can evolve in human form.

Perhaps it's more of an awareness of BEING a plant as opposed to learning lessons through human experience. However, it remains to be seen if the soul can even exist in a plant. Due to the evidence I've seen so far, I'm more inclined to believe that the soul doesn't reincarnate in plant form or as an insect.

However, I suppose if it's just a split segment of consciousness that reincarnates, then it could be possible that consciousness could reincarnate into a plant or insect, but that remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the study of Hinduism and reincarnation are very important pieces of today's spiritual puzzle

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