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Meditation Methods : -- Guided Imagery Meditation

Practicing guided imagery meditation can be effective both for the beginner or the veteran. There are a good amount of benefits to practicing this type of meditation.

What is Guided Imagery Meditation?

This type of meditation can best be described as an audio meditation that follows any number of scripts that gently move the person into a deep state of meditation, that's often specific to their particular desire.

The meditation script usually start off centering the person around a particular outdoor setting, or by easing them deeper through a series of affirmations. Once the person is in a deep state of meditation, they are often led through a specific visualization, often in the area in their life they are working on.

The Benefits

There are some benefits of doing this type of meditation, and they include the following:

  • easier for the beginner to learn
  • improved focus and concentration
  • Prevents one from falling asleep
  • Removes the boredom for some people
  • It's fun!

Easier For Beginner

So, let's start with the first benefit. When you are learning how to meditate, it's easy for frustration to set is, because you don't feel like you have any direction.

It can be like how you would feel if you were to take a road trip without a road map. You really don't have a sense of direction. This may be fine and preferred for the veteran meditator, but not so much for the beginner.

Improved Focus and Concentration

This is one of the more pronounced benefits of doing this type of meditation. It can set you up for more success for when you actually start doing free-flow style meditations.

The reason your focus and concentration levels are improved is because of the active visualization you participate in, which requires concentration, but in a relaxed state. By concentrating on specific imagery, it sharpens your focus skills over time. You'll start to notice these skills carrying over to other areas in your live that require concentration and focus.

Prevents One From Falling Asleep

One of the most frustrating things a beginner meditator experiences is how easy it is to fall asleep while you are meditating.

This use to be a big problem for me, but I have finally overcome that problem. The mind is less likely to fall sleep when doing guided imagery meditations. This is because your mind has something to focus on, and the more sharp you are able to make the images in your mind, the less chance you will have of falling asleep.

This takes practice though, and you may still fall asleep if you are extremely tired or still in the beginning phase. This will improve over time. But like everything else, the learning curve will be different for everyone.

Removes The Boredom For Some People

For some, meditation can be boring, but a lot of the problem stems from not knowing what you are to expected to experience, or what direction you need to go in once you quiet your mind.

Many experienced meditators can quiet their minds for hours and not get bored. You will be able to do this if you so desire, it just takes time to learn and develop like any skill.

The guided imagery meditation can help you remove this boredom, because you'll have a roadmap to follow and improve on. Once you are ready to move on, youÂ’ll know.

It's Fun!

Lastly, learning guided imagery meditation can be a lot of fun to learn. I like to think of it as a mini vacation.

The imagery can be exciting as you work on bringing clarity to the images you are seeing in your mind's eye. It's like starring in your own movie, expect YOU are the director!

Concluding View

Remember, the guided imagery meditation, is just one time type of meditation. There are a number of web sites out there that sell these type of audio meditations, and I'll try and provide some good resources at a later time.

I'l also be providing a number of scripts at a later time that you can use, if you so desire to make your own meditation tapes.

I always say to think of meditation like a skill, and use the guided imagery meditation like you would training wheels on a bike. However, unlike a bike with training wheels, you can always go back to these types of meditations for the enjoyment of it, and you can still benefit from growth.

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Think of your own guided imagery meditation. Be your own director.

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