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Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D --- Dr. Quantum Rides Again

Fred Alan Wolf

I first heard of Fred Alan Wolf when I was browsing a local bookstore. There's not much definitive science when it comes to metaphysics, so I was searching more from a theoretical standpoint. Fred fit that bill perfectly.

Fred, also known in his comic as Dr Quantum, is a physicist who earned his degree in theoretical physics back in 1963. Over the last few decades, Fred's conducted lectures, done copious amount of writing and research and has even appeared in such controversial films as What the Bleep Do We Know and The Secret.

Fred Alan Wolf's most notable work is in the area of theoretical quantum physics, from which he's written several books based on his research. He has a very quirky sense of humor and this often comes through in his interviews and books, and this makes them more enjoyable as even he admits that the whole subject of quantum physics is a bit strange and crazy.

quantum physics and spirituality

The Spiritual Universe

This is the first book I purchased and read by Fred Alan Wolf. In this book Fred combines the teachings of theoretical quantum physics and metaphysics and contemplates the nature of the soul. Religion, philosophy, physics and metaphysics are all brought together in this book as Fred provides his own vision of how the soul is defined.

I'm a bit surprised by some of the criticism of this book, especially since it's only a book based on theory, philosophy and opinion. That's not to say that I agree with everything in this book, because I don't, but that's true for many books with topics on metaphysics or quantum physics.

Whether the book has any truth to it or not is debatable. However, I still viewThe Spiritual Universe as very thought-provoking, and it does get your brain spinning with multiple possibilities of ideas and concepts that we may not yet understand.

The Yoga of Time Travel

The Yoga of Time Travel

The Yoga of Time Travel is Fred Alan Wolf's latest book and is supposed to be a bit different than his previous releases. I haven't had the chance to read this yet, so I will probably add my thoughts to this once I have a chance to get through the reading. It has received mixed reviews and includes such subjects as time, and meditation, with a fair amount of quantum physics thrown in.

In addition to the two books listed above, Fred has many other books on quantum physics that I'll try and review at a later time. These include: Parallel Universes, Mind into Matter, The Dreaming Universe, and Taking the Quantum Leap.

What the Bleep and The Secret

In What The Bleep Do We Know, Fred is interviewed in small segments throughout the film. He provides his input on quantum physics and shares his views on reality creation. Next do Dean Radin, his interview in the film is my favorite. He also has some snippets in The Secret, although they aren't near as in depth and enjoyable as they are in What the Bleep.

Fred has openly admitted that he doesn't believe in everything presented in What the Bleep" and he also feels the same way about The Secret At least he's openly honest and doesn't jump on the bandwagon of believing everything that comes out that's related to new age or the metaphysical, and for that I respect him.

Dr Quantum

Concluding View

While some of Fred's theoretical ideas in his books and interviews may seem a bit far reaching, I applaud him for taking chances and exploring areas that may not get explored otherwise.

I'm sure if you were to take many of today's accepted ideas of science and quantum physics and introduce them to those who lived thousands of years ago, they would think you were strange and your ideas implausible. Fred is able to blend quantum physics and spirituality in a way that at least gets you asking the question, what if?

While there's no proof that any of Fred's theories presented in his books will ever be accepted by mainstream science, I hope he does get the credit if one or more of this theories is one day accepted as mainstream science.

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Over the last decade, Fred Alan Wolf has appeared in several spiritual/scientific documentaries.

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