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Elizabeth Mayer's -- Extraordinary Knowing


When I purchased Extraordinary Knowing by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, I didn't know what to expect. On one hand I was thinking that it might just be another skeptical stab at anything paranormal. I had read plenty of books of that type in the past, and was often turned off by the rigid skeptical viewpoint that had no intent of ever changing. However, I was pleasantly surprised on what I found in Elizabeth's metaphysical book. It was open-minded skepticism at it's very best presented in a very fair manner based on her own vigorous research


Many times authors who write books on skepticism will begin by presenting an unwavering skeptical biased opinion, as opposed to open-minded and carefully planned research. From the first few chapters of this book however, it becomes obvious that Elizabeth has an unbiased approach, and did her homework before she began writing. It was an enjoyable read injected with a breath of fresh air.

The book begins with Elizabeth elaborating on her own amazing paranormal event that she experienced that changed her own scientific world view of the way things are and how they work. This paranormal event she experienced also fueled her desire to write this book

When this event happened to Elizabeth, it allowed her very skeptical view to soften just enough so that she can could further investigate the world of Extraordinary Knowing.

During her exploration, she talks to many people who've experienced anomalous perception and who've had anomalous experiences. She also talks to proclaimed psychics, healers, and remote viewers and interviews them about their experiences.

Those that she interviews in the book seem very humble about their abilities, and none of whom she talks to come across as arrogant or defensive with their comments. After speaking with these individuals, it further fuels Elizabeth's uncertainty regarding her own skepticism, and she begins to ask herself the question, "what if?"

Some of the areas that Elizabeth investigates are ESP, prayer, meditation, remote viewing, telepathy, and quantum physics.

Through her research, Elizabeth gives startling examples in many of these areas of extraordinary occurrences, especially in the areas of ESP and remote viewing.

The outcomes of many of the experiments the book talks about seem to go well beyond chance from a statistical standpoint. As always, replication seems to be a problem from pushing these studies further, and completely validating the paranormal as factual. Working with subtle energy is tricky and Elizabeth makes this known many times throughout the book.

Concluding View

Overall, I would highly recommend this book, especially for the hardcore skeptics, who often have a problem with fears and viewing the world differently than science currently presents it.

I was saddened to hear that Lisby(as her friends called her) had passed away shortly after writing this book. I think she could have written some more good works in this area and helped with the paradigm shift which is now taking place.

While Elizabeth doesn't come to an absolute conclusion on extraordinary knowing and anomalous paranormal experiences, she does leave the gate wide open and seems to lean in the direction of being a believer.

As mentioned above, replication with the paranormal has always been difficult due to the subtle nature of the energies involved. Science needs to come up with new protocols for testing this type of phenomena, for until it does, we will be at a standstill when it comes to Extraordinary Knowing.

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Extraordinary Knowing is a book that I can actually recommend to hard-core skeptics with confidence.

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