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Extra Sensory Perception Defined


Extra sensory perception or ESP, is information obtained without the use of the physical senses. This can be done through telepathy, clairvoyance and other precognitive abilities.

To better clarify, we already know that our 5 physical senses are smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch. However, ESP is not gained through any of those senses, as those all reside in the physical

ESP is often referred to by some as the sixth sense, which is a sense that is use to perceive, but independent of the physical sense of sight.

It is also often used in conjunction with PSI, which is a way that energy is transferred through mind by non physical energies.

Much like gravity, ESP has probably been around since the beginning of time due to the nature of its properties. However, it came out more into the public eye beginning in the 1930s thanks to the impressive lab experiments of J.B. Rhine.

These experiments have been widely publicized and can be found in a number of resources and books online.

Dean Radin is also a well known PSI researcher who has helped bring PSI and ESP to the forefront and has run some well documented experiments in his lab using random number generators.

While not everyone has the spiritual gift of ESP, it can be developed to some degree through meditation over the months and years.

Many of those who have been on a ongoing spiritual path to enlightenment often say that they have suddenly noticed they have more paranormal abilities than prior to embarking on their spiritual path, and that often includes extra sensory perception.

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You'll sometimes hear people use PSI and ESP interchangably, although PSI isn't as specific.

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