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The Dragonfly Movie Has Much To Teach Us

Up to this day, the Dragonfly movie remains one of my top 5 favorite metaphysical oriented movies. Kevin Costner does an excellent job as the lead role in the movie, and is very convincing in playing Dr John Darrow. I'm not going to go too deeply into the plot, as I'm sure you can find details on the movie all over the internet, but just a bit of a review.

The basic plot of the Dragonfly movie centers around Dr. Joe Darrow who loses his wife in a tragic bus accident. Due to the fact that he shares such a close bond to his wife, he struggles to get over her passing and it begins to affect his work at the hospital.

As Dr. Darrow continues to mourn, he’s visits a couple of child patients in the hospital who have been resuscitated and have come back reporting details of their near death experiences. The children begin to speak to Joe about his wife, passing on information that is meant for him based upon a message he is suppose to receive.

Being someone who doesn’t believe in heaven, Joe is skeptical of the messages at first, but the details and persistence of the children’s message begins to catch Joe’s attention, and he begins to dig deeper behind the meaning on what they are trying to tell him. As he investigates, he learns what the symbolism means that the children are conveying to him and sets out to investigate.

The interpretation of the message eventually leads him to a village, and there he finds what his deceased wife has been trying to tell him. It's an amazing conclusion to a fabulous film. Now Let me get to the point on why I think this is such a great metaphysical movie.

Spiritual Aspects of the Movie

Make no mistake, the Dragonfly movie is a thriller, but not in the violent and gory way. Sure, you witness the tragedy that leads to the death of his wife and others, but that's about as bad as it gets and even that is just a brief segment in the film.

For example, the quick and often harsh skepticism that some of the hospital personnel exhibit in regards to the children’s NDEs, is often how the NDE is perceived in today's society. In our physical reality the NDE is often ignored, dismissed, or given what some may call a "logical" explanation that doesn't really fit the reality of the experience.

The dragonfly symbolism in the movie is also very powerful. The fact that dragonflies kept showing up in an excessive manner was just another way for his wife to attempt to reach him. Our loved ones often use symbolic familiarity to try and reach us, since they aren't able to communicate vocally. There are numerous examples in mediumship books of just this type of thing. I've even talked to a couple of people who've relayed these powerful spiritual experiences to me.

Finally, while the flickering of lights and the moving of objects in the movie aren’t as common as symbolic familiarity, there are plenty of reported cases of this happening in the physical, far too many to be dismissed as hallucinations or fabrications.

Concluding View

The message of the Dragonfly movie is powerful. You never lose contact with loved ones who have passed, and it's important to pay attention to signs if they are trying to give them to you.

It's okay to be skeptical, but it's also important to not let your skepticism be too rigid. While not every strange or seemingly spiritual experience you have in life has a metaphysical meaning, on the flip side, not every spiritual experience you may have has a logical explanation.

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One of the things that stands out in this Dragonfly movie is just how real some aspects of it are to real life skepticism and anecdotal experiences of real people.

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