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Dr. Michael Newton

In my opinion, Dr Michael Newton is one of those pioneers that flies a bit under the radar, but yet is a huge influence in today's metaphysical movement.

Who is Michael Newton?

Dr. Michael Newton is a certified Master Hypnotherapist who holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and has been practicing his hypnotherapy for over 45 years now. He has been the speaker of many lectures and continues to educate and train those who are interested in spiritual regression from a hypnotherapy standpoint.

Newton has been interviewed numerous times on the radio and on the internet about his practice and technique. Most notably, he's an accomplished author of 3 books, which have all made the best sellers list.

Journey of Souls

Journey of Souls

I was recommended Journey of Souls by a friend many years ago. When I first saw the cover of the book, I thought it was just another book on near death experiences, boy was I pleasantly surprised that this wasn't the case here.

What we have here is 29 people, who through the help of hypnosis, are able to provide in astonishing detail, what happened to them in between physical incarnations. Each of the 29 cases goes further than the case before into the life between lives.

What's so amazing about this book is that the detail provided is so similar to what has been taught by metaphysicians for such a long time. Even some of the harshest skeptics I know have been fascinated by this book This is a pretty fast read and you'll find yourself returning to it time and time again.

Michael Newton - Destiny of Souls

Destiny of Souls

After I finished reading Journey of Souls I was hoping that Dr. Newton would follow it up with another book that went into a bit more depth into what happens between lives. Well, my wish was answered as he later released Destiny of Souls. This time around, Destiny of Souls provides detailed accounts of 67 people who undergo spiritual hypotherapy and bring back even more startling and detailed information on their life between lives.

This book is deeper in detail that its predecessor and many questions are answered on such subjects as soul groups, spirit guides, soul mates, and much much more. Because of the depth and detail of this book, it's received a bit more criticism by those who disagree on what these patients are reporting. In my opinion Destiny of Souls scores high marks due to its similarities to age old metaphysical teachings.

If you are interested in reading Dr Michael Newton's works, I suggest just picking up Journey of Soulsfor now, and if you really enjoy the read, and it resonates with you well, then go ahead and purchaseDestiny of Souls. He has another book entitled Life Between Lives that you might be interested in, but it's more geared towards the teacher of hypnotherapy as opposed to the student.

Concluding View

It's too bad that Dr Michael Newton has retired from writing, because I would have been interested in seeing how much further he could take his work. Fortunately he's given us two great books to read. I do believe in all sincerity that Dr Michael Newton is the real deal. I honestly can't see how all of these people can fabricate these stories, especially without prior knowledge of metaphysics.

Perhaps someone could make the argument that ALL of the patients were well read metaphysically and somehow knew what answers were expected of them, and just made everything up. However, I think that is far reaching and just trying to make an explanation fit. You can’t make a key fit a lock if it isn’t made to do so. Even if you aren't a believer in anything metaphysical, a Journey of Souls is still a highly recommended read. It may change your mind.

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Dr Michael Newton gives us evidence of past lives that's beyond our wildest expectations. One just needs to open their mind and look at the data.

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