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The Way to Discover Past Lives - An Introduction

discover your past lives

As you set out on your journey to discover past lives, it doesn't necessarily mean running out to the closest and cheapest past life regression therapist you can find. There are different methods you can utilize, that may prove effective for you, which I plan to go over.

Past Lives? Sounds Like Science Fiction!

As you begin to research your own past lives, there may be times where you start questioning your own sanity. The whole idea sounds a bit like science fiction and unrealistic at best. It’s okay to be skeptical however, but if you spend a lot of time in research, I’m confident that the skepticism will start to wane.

Prior to my study and research in metaphysics, I thought the whole idea of past lives was just wishful thinking brought on by those who wanted so desperately to believe that they would have many lives after this one. First off, I believe, the “wishful thinking” aspect of it is false, and I’ll address why later.

Once I begun to study consciousness, the evolving of the soul, and did my own research, my skepticism was quickly put to rest.

Introducing Reincarnation

You really can’t talk about past lives without at least a mention of reincarnation. Past lives and reincarnation are synonymous in the sense that you can’t have one without the other. The basic Concept is that the soul is led on a long journey moving from lifetime to lifetime in order to reach it’s own goals of growth and evolvement.The soul reincarnates into flesh when it's time and ready.

Click here for a metaphysical definition of reincarnation.

A Little History of Reincarnation

The whole concept of past lives and reincarnation has a long history that is as old as many religions, but yet the specific details of what reincarnation is and how it works is one of the things that set religions apart from one another. Now, even though the specifics may be different, there are common threads that run through certain religions in how they believe and perceive reincarnation. Below you will find a few examples of religious and spiritual viewpoints of reincarnation today.

Children's Past Lives

Many studies today focus around a child's past life. A child's ability to discover past lives is heightened because of their time proximity to their previous life, as well as the unlikelihood of faulty memories like you might see with an adult.

For an excellent scientific read on the past lives of children, check out Jim Tucker's recent book, Life Before Life.

Coming Soon!!!!!!

Other Ways to Discover Past Lives

Past Life Hypnosis

At this time, hypno-therapy is the most efective way to discover past lives. There have been many cases of hypno-therapists who have been able to bring forth information that the patient would have had no way of knowing otherwise.

Past Lives and Regression

Past Life Quiz

I’m sure you’ve found yourself pondering the question, “How do I know I’ve had a past life”? Well, To help you with this process, I may be adding a little past life quiz questioner that you can take, which may perhaps give you some clues as to what your previous incarnation may have been like. In addition to the methods I'll be sharing with you to discover past lives that you may have had, this questioneer may offer some clues. The questioneer will be added to this site shortly.

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Personally, I don't see why believing in past lives is such a leap in reality. Even though this cannot be proven in a lab setting, the amount of anecdotal evidence is pretty impressive.

Let's face it, earth is a tough learning environment. I don't think many people are ready to accept that they may have to go through this all again.

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"After your death you will be what you were before your birth."

- Arthur Schopenhauer

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