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The Definition of Reincarnation from a Metaphysical Viewpoint

From a metaphysical standpoint, the definition of reincarnation is defined as the rebirth after death in which the soul returns to earth, or perhaps some other plane of existence, in order to continue its spiritual evolvement and growth. During this time, past lives often come into play and can play a big part as to what particular lessons and growth need to occur in order for the soul to advance in it's development.

Time Period Prior to Reincarnating

Spiritual Mediums and those who've done past life hypnosis sessions will often tell you that when the physical body dies, it doesn't necessarily reincarnate right away. Sometimes the soul will decide to hang out in the astral world for awhile to accept guidance, be with those who've passed on, or just learn and experience being


How About A Fish?, An Insect?, A Plant?

So you may ask, does the metaphysical definition of reincarnation also allow for the possibility of coming back as something non-human? You'll always a religion or belief that subscribe to the belief that you will come back as an animal (such as in Hinduism) or an insect or plant etc. However, it doesn't seem to be the norm, and I'm not finding enough consistency in the research to be swayed in that direction.

A plant doesnÂ’t really have a soul, so it would just be a piece of energy/consciousness that would have to incarnate, as opposed to the soul itself. However, I have read of many past life regression cases in which the soul reincarnated to another plane of existence, but not in the form of a human, as WE know it. So this is still open to more research and theory.

Concluding View

It would be easy to write a book on the various spiritual theories and philosophy and how they define reincarnation, as it's all very fascinating. However, reincarnating back into human form seems to be most likely scenario and is consistent with all of the past life research that has been done. It's also consistent with those who are metaphysicians and mediums and have had high level of communications with those who have passed on.

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You'll find that the true definition of reincarnation will be different across contrasting religious cultures and metaphysical belief systems.

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