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Dean Radin and His Study of Psychic Phenomena

Dean Radin

Dean Radin is recognized today as one of the leaders in the research and testing of psychic phenomena. Unlike other researchers in metaphysics, Dr. Radin has found a way to use fairly conventional and statistical methods that are accepted in today's mainstream science.

Some of the experiments he reports on in mind matter interaction and telepathy are nothing short of amazing. Dr. Radin is not afraid to challenge skepticism and makes some very valid points against it in his published works.

The Conscious Universe

I had stumbled upon The Conscious Universe one day while browsing the metaphysical section in a local bookstore. Intrigued, I purchased the book, and could not put the book down after I began reading it. Throughout this book Dean Radin provides statistical evidence in an easy to understand manner.

As opposed to generalities, Radin provides details of many experiments pushing in favor of the existence of psi, remote viewing, telepathy and the metaphysics of consciousness. He also spends quite a bit of time diving into the psychology of skepticism. While it's fine to have general skepticism to anything metaphysical, Dean shows you how extreme skepticism can be a trap and actually impede progress in this field of study.

The Conscious Universe

Entangled Minds

Entangled Minds is Dr. Radin's 2nd book and is the follow-up to The Conscious Universe. One warning though, Entangled Minds is a bit more heavy on the statistics and really isn't recommended to the everyday reader.

While there are plenty of sections in the book I haven't quite grasped yet, I was still unable to enjoy the book quite a bit, and would recommend it to anyone who follows Dean's work. Like it's predecessor, Entangled Minds provides plenty of research results and experimentation, while diving into the world of quantum physics and interconnectedness.

I really enjoy Radin's work on collective consciousness as it mirrors age-old teachings of metaphysics and really makes a lot of sense if you think about it. His experimentation with random number generators is also quite fascinating. This is a fantastic read and I'd be interested to see what else Dr. Radin may have up his sleeve in the future.

Dean Radin Entangled Minds

Other Projects

Dean Radin is also a senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences(IONS). IONS is a nonprofit organization founded by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell and is dedicated to exploring the frontiers of consciousness. In addition, Dean has also participated in many conferences on consciousness and other metaphysical matter and can be seen in interview segments on What the Bleep do We Know.

Concluding Views

There is no doubt that Dean Radin is one of the leading researchers today in the metaphysical field, and one of the few that utilizes a more scientific approach with his experimentation and research. Unfortunately, there will still be those who scoff at his work, but that's to be expected in this field of study. You can't please everyone, no matter what you bring to the table.

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Dean Radin is a legitimate scientist who takes his study of PSI very seriously.

Dean is very good at elaborating on his findings in a scientific manner.

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