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Conversations With God Movie - The Good and The Bad

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When I heard that the author of Conversations with God would be coming out with a movie, I was quite thrilled, but also, scratching my head at how he would translate the spiritual messages in the books to the movie. This wouldn't be an easy task.

Well, I finally saw the movie and I have mixed reactions on the outcome. There are ways that I think the delivery of the movie could have been improved. But all is not lost


General Synopsis

The Conversations with God movie starts out with a man who portrays Neale Donald Walsch who's down on his luck and ends up spiraling further downward into homelessness. One night he begins receiving messages from someone identifying themselves as "God", and so the change in his life begins.

Over the days, weeks, and months, the messages continue and get stronger and more specific, inspiring Neale to begin writing his multi volume Conversations with God series of books.

God continually inspires Neale to write more and more so Neale sets out trying to find a publisher, but gets shot down, which would be expected with the nature of this type of book. Neale is eventually able to find a publisher to take him under his wing, and then his popularity begins to skyrocket as you see a inspired man born with the purpose of sharing his inspired spiritual message with the world.

The Monetary Aspect of Conversations With God

Many people seem to have a problem with the monetary aspect of the movie and sense that it's all about the money. I disagree with this. For one, money is just an exchange of energy and there's nothing wrong with making a very comfortable living doing what you love and sharing what you love with others whether it's spiritual or non-spiritual.

It really boils down to whether you believe in the message or not, and whether or not you think that it's coming from Neale's imagination or the Universal Mind(God). I'll get into this much more when I review the first 3 books later. My point is, if you believe that Neale is just making it all up for financial gain, then yes, people have the right to be upset. I don't think that this is the case however. I've seen enough of Neale's interviews to belive in my heart that the man is sincere. But like others, I can't validate the source of his message.

How the Conversations with God Movie Could Have Been Better

Just like when I watched The Secret, I immediately came up with how I think they could have written the movie so much better. I think the movie would have served itself better if the emphasis would have been more on the message as opposed to how Neale Donald Walsch went from being homeless to being the author of a series of best-selling books.

While I think that the beginning of the movie could have still given a brief glimpse of his past, I think the plot should have concentrated more on the message and what "God" had to say. While it's true that you can only fit a certain amount into a 2 hour movie, the general spiritual message could have come across stronger, and perhaps Neil himself could have given commentary on the messages he received.

Concluding View

No matter what the movie is, one can always find ways to improve it. When I heard that Neale Donald Walsch was making a movie for his Conversations with God books, I was skeptical that it could even be done.

Perhaps my expectations are why I found it a bit on the disappointing side. I think that in order to bring the books to life, Neale would have had to create a series of movies or documentaries based upon the teachings of the books. Perhaps that's why he didn't focus on the message as much as I think he should have. Maybe it wouldn't have been possible to deliver the message to his satisfaction in a time slot of a 2 to 3 hour movie, I don't know.

I still think the movie has a wonderful message and it was uplifting to see a man down on his luck rise up and take control of his life, and for those un-familiar with his story, they may enjoy learning about how the messages begin to come to him. I would still recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys spiritual philosophy with a positive spiritual message.

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The Conversations with God Movie is worth renting, but based on your own expections, you may or may not enjoy it.

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