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Conversations with God - Book 1 Review

Conversations With God Book 1

Conversations with God is one of those books that I've been wanting to read and review for quite some time now. While I'm most interested in books that are attempting to bridge science and metaphysics closer together, I'm also interested in philosophical type books such as, Conversations with God.


First, the beauty about such books like CWG is that there's nothing to defend from a "prove it to me" stand point. I approach these types of works as purely theoretical and philosophical. Not every type of book of this sort resonates well with me, but Conversations with God does.

The Case of Interpretation

As you begin reading CWG, you may be extremely skeptical as to whether or not this information is really coming from a "God Source" or just from Neil's over active imagination.

I was actually the same way. I kept thinking that even if the information was indeed coming from a universal energy source called "God", how do I know that Neil is interpreting the information he is receiving correctly? That is something that I nor anyone else can comfortably answer.

I can say this much, the information contained in Conversations with God resonated with me extremely well. Each chapter throughout the book was in complete harmony with everything I've learned in my own research on higher levels of spirituality and metaphysics.

The Case of Controversy

Conversations with Godis probably one of the most controversial metaphysical books in existence today. The title of the book alone has caused many who follow mainstream religion to lash out at Neale Donald Walsch .

Of course if one is to personalize God, and if one believes God to be an actual individual entity, then I can understand where they are coming from.However, through my studies and meditations, I've come to know God as Universal Mind and an all encompassing loving energy. But I respect everyone's belief, and everyone is entitled to their opinion

Furthermore, CWG does have many quotes within the book that are of a controversial nature. Just remember, any channeled material can be open to interpretation, and also the potential personal bias of the one doing the channeling has the ability of coming through when the message is passed down. This can distort what the original intent of the message actually was.

The Content

At the start of CWG and throughout the rest of the book, Neil begins receiving information from a spiritual source that identifies itself as "God". Book 1 just deals with some of the basic questions of of spirituality and covers many basic questions such as the concept of of good and evil.

Because of the general nature of the book, and it's question and answer type format, it's very difficult to review from a sequential standpoint as the book covers many subjects. Neale asks many different questions as the book progresses on, which God then proceeds to answer.

So in my opinion, it's best to just pick up book 1 and if it seems like something you are going to like, then you may want to pick up books 2 and 3 as I hear the format is generally the same, but more in depth subject matter is covered.

I am planning to read the next few books in the series which will allow me to more easily differentiate between the books, but if you only read one in the series, I think you will find CWG book 1 to be a great addition on your collection of metaphysical books.

Concluding View

With all this said, one must read Neale Donald Walsch's CWG with an open mind and if it doesn't resonate with you, don't just blindly accept it. If parts of it resonate with you, accept those parts and discard the rest. Everyone is on a different spiritual path and everyone is at different levels in their spiritual development, and there are multiple spiritual truths at each level, and no level is superior to the other. Remember, life is about the journey, not the destination.

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When reading philosophical based metaphysical works, don't force yourself to believe every word, but take away from it what resonates with YOU.

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"The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it"

- James Bryce

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