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Consciousness and Mind - A Metaphysical Definition

Consciousness and Mind

Consciousness and Mind are two very difficult terms to define in the language that we understand today. The easiest way to understand and define it is to think of it as a state of existence and awareness.

The abstract metaphysical concept of Consciousness and Mind is probably one of the more subjective terms to define. There's no concrete definition that's going to satisfy everyone. In fact, if you ask someone, "what is consciousness?" you will probably just get a blank stare and the words just won't form to come out. Such is the nature of consciousness philosophy.

However, if you learn to think of it from more of a metaphysical point of view, it's easier to wrap your head about such an abstract concept. Thinking of it more as just "being" makes it a bit easier to conceptualize.

I think people often try and make the definition of consciousness more wordy than it needs to be.

When I think of the metaphysical definition of consciousness, I think of a state of being involving everything that has energy. This encompasses not only human beings, but animals, insects, bacteria, plants etc. What about a rock? Can a rock have consciousness to some degree? Some may argue yes.

Mind on the other hand encompasses all there is. If all is illusion, then all is mind. It too is a tough concept to grasp, but from a educational metaphysical point of view, it makes complete sense

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To define Consciousness, I often refer to as a state of being and existence.

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