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Inate Clairvoyance Abilities

When it comes to clairvoyance abilities, it is important to note the metaphysical manner in which they are used. In it's simplest form, Clairvoyance simply means, a non-physical ability of being able to perceive something at a distance.

Perhaps it's information about a particular person or event. The term 'distant' can imply either forward or backward. When used in conjunction with mediumship, it's defined as 'clear seeing'. What this means is that a spiritual medium is able to describe a person, an animal, place or a thing through visual non-physical means.

How is Clairvoyance Used?

Unlike other senses where hearing or feeling is involved, clairvoyance relies strictly on the ability to see and describe images in a visual manner in one form or another. Sometimes those images are fairly clear, but it's more common for them to come through in a distorted cloudy view, which often leads the medium to ask questions to help gain clarity on what's being communicated to him or her.

If you were to close your eyes and imagine getting a visual of someone or something in front of you, you would get an idea of how clairvoyance works in a reading. Of course like I mentioned, it's not often this clear, but doing this exercise helps you at least get a basic understanding what a medium may see without using their physical eyes.

Concluding View

When I'm evaluating mediums, I find clairvoyance is often used to a higher degree with some more than others. John Edward seems to be very strong in this area, in spite of those who have arguments against him.

When Clairvoyance abilities are used, they are often combined with clairaudience or clairsentience, although like the others, the various skill levels of clairvoyance from one medium to another may differ. It's a false assumption that just because someone has strong clairvoyance abilities, that it automatically negates the possibility of them having any of the other two abilities.

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Clairvoyance abilities seem to be used more frequently by Mediums than clairsentience abilities .

As always, it boils down to the abilities of the Medium and what skills the have (inate or developed).

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