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What is Clairsentience?

So what is clairsentience you may ask? Simply put,it is an extra sensory paranormal ability that's often used by spiritual mediums as a means of communication between the physical and the spiritual world. The medium is able to feel or sense the presence or characteristics of a spiritual being attempting communication.

How is This Sense Used?

When a medium is communicating between dimensions, they will often describe "sensing" something about a person or about their behaviors. Some mediums can also feel various points of pressure or mild discomfort on certain parts of their body when they are doing a reading. This is often the case if the spiritual being is trying to relay a particular condition they suffered from while in their physical body.

For example, perhaps the person suffered from throat cancer. The medium may feel a sudden tightness or restriction in their throat. The discomfort the medium may feel isn't enough to harm them, but just enough to get the message across that throat cancer was involved in their passing. This is just one of hundreds of examples.

Concluding View

Not only is clairsentience one of the most common methods of communication used by mediums, it's also reported as one of the most common ways spirits try and communicate with us. I'm sure you've heard many stories of those who have said they could "feel" the presence of their recently deceased mother or father in the room with them, and usually quite strongly.

I think that clairsentience is one of the most common out of the three main paranormal senses because it's an easier avenue for the spirits to communicate with, which explains why it's also more commonly reported amongst those who aren’t self-proclaimed spiritual mediums.

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Remember, clairsentience is only one of the senses that mediums use for communication.

Some mediums will tend to use one sense more than another, depending on their ability developed in that area.

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