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Clairaudience - A Metaphysical Definition

Clairaudience is a metaphysical method of hearing something in your mind. This is obviously different than hearing it with your ears. You are able to hear, but the hearing is done outside of normal perception.

To a lesser degree, many consider this to be your "inner voice". As an example, you may hear someone say, "My inner voice told me not to do this". Although some many also say that this is the case as well with Clairsentience, which is another non physical form of spiritual communication in which you "sense" something.

While this non physical sense can be developed to some degree, just like playing the piano would be, there are a few Spiritual Mediums that are gifted with this ability at a much stronger level. In fact, many Mediums use this gift of clairaudience when trying to communicate with the non physical.

As is with all non physical sensing, these abilities can be improved or more noticeably heightened when one is in a deep state of meditation.

Through my own meditations, I've experienced this to some degree. For more info, see my page: Clair(aud)ience.

It's easy to get the various terms of spiritual communication confused, as many of them sound similar. If you forget what clair(aud)ience is, just remember the "aud" which is in the middle of the word. "Aud" is associated with sounds. Other non physical senses deal more with the seeing and feeling aspect of non physical energy.

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" You cannot trust your physical senses to give you a true picture of reality. They are lovely liars, with such a fantastic tale to tell that you believe it without question. "

- Jane Roberts As Seth

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