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A Chakras Chart Worth a Thousand Words

A picture of the 8 Chakras chart is shown below. This chart shows you how the various chakras are distinguished from one another.

These shapes are open to interpretation. As this elaborate chakras chart shows, some artists go to great lengths to display incredibly rich and beautiful snowflake like images with amazing color and elaborate detail.

Perhaps some of these basic chakra shapes came about thousands of years ago by meditators who were extremely visually intuitive.

What is meant by this is that I have seen a few different variations of these shapes, so it's entirely possible that the shapes are more of a visual interpretation by experienced meditators and metaphysicians, similar to those who have the gift of seeing auras

chakra images

As I may have mentioned before, the chakras are often shown in this type of detail to make it easier for visual people like myself to meditate on

So an an example, if you are working on your chakras, such as doing some chakra balancing meditations, it makes it much easier to concentrate and focus if you have a mental image to put with the chakra you are working with. This helps improve focus and keeps the mind from wondering.

By displaying this chart as well as other pictures of chakras I have on my site, you'll find a variety of images that might help you during your meditations. Again, this is primarily for visual thinkers that find it difficult to focus on something without bringing a picture to mind.

I must say that this chakra diagram pictured above displays some of the most beautiful images of chakras that I've seen yet. Enjoy!

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This chakra diagram is only one example of elaborate design emphasizing detail and color.

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