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Chakra Symbols and Other Attributes

If you are looking at the chakra symbols in illustrations, you'll notice that they are usually shown in different colors and shapes and are given different symbols and names.

The symbols are mostly given to allow the ability of distiguishing one chakra from another, as I explain a bit more below. Nobody can really verify the said appearance of a chakra. In fact some believe that chakras are more of a metaphor which are useful for the purpose of centering energy.

Chakra Symbols and Names

In addition to the more popular naming system of the chakras, you'll also often see an Indian name and symbol written in Sanskrit associated with each individual chakra. Sanskrit is based upon an old Indian language, and out of respect, is still used today on most of your detailed chakra charts. Please see the image below which depicts each symbol and Sanskrit name in illustration.

chakra symbols

Chakra Shape and Color

When you look at chakra illustrations close up, the thing that catches your eye the most is the intricate geometrical designs that vary from chakra to chakra. The designs of chakras originate from the lotus flower, and just like how there are different types of lotus flowers with different petal arrangements, so are there different designs for the chakras.

In addition to the different designs, you'll also notice a rainbow of distinct colors associated with each chakra. Some people subscribe to the idea of color therapy and the different colors having different vibrations and meanings, so many have said that the distinct colors help them with their chakra cleansing meditations.

Concluding View

While the meaning and history behind the symbols, names, shapes and colors aren't absolutely necessary to understand prior to doing your chakra work, it may help visual meditators more, as they are able to get a more clearer picture in their mind's eye of the chakra they are working with. There's much more spiritual history behind the origins of the naming of the chakras and the specific color assignments, but I'm not going to get into it here, as I find it unnecessary for your chakra work.

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Do chakra symbols actually have a defined shape? Well, I'm not sure. But it's much easier from a visual and description standpoint to assume a specific shape for each symbol.

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